Visit Kerala to enjoy an unforgettable stay in a houseboat


Visit Kerala to enjoy an unforgettable stay in a houseboat – Backwaters of Kerala are undoubtedly one of the most spectacular attractions, that adorn this natural paradise with a wide spread network of canals, lakes and lagoons. And it is the mesmerizing experience of traveling over these vast stretches of azure waters on a luxurious houseboat which attracts tourists from near and far to the God’s own country. It is an extraordinary experience without which your trip to Kerala remains incomplete.

Long time before becoming a popular attraction for tourists, these backwaters had been serving as a medium for transportation between interior villages and nearby towns, besides being used for fishing and transferring materials and items of daily use. However, with the advent of modern modes of transportation and development of infrastructure, the use of these boats became limited. Thanks to the makeover that these boats received, houseboats have become an integral part of Kerala tourism.

Even before you step into one of the floating paradise, it is the unique structure of these houseboats that catches your attention, which seems like the work of a competent architect; however it is the craftsmanship of local people who are responsible for transforming these modest means of transportation into lavish houseboats that we see today. Known as Kettuvalam in local language, these houseboats are skillfully made using eco friendly materials, like bamboo mats, wooden planks and coir beds, while lighting needs are served by solar panels.

These houseboats are designed meticulously and every basic facility is made available on-board to assure a comfortable stay for the vacationers, tourists and honeymooners. Consisting of tastefully designed bedrooms, spacious dining areas, private balconies and sun decks, the houseboats never fail to impress you with their subtle charm. Delicious meals, prepared fresh by the on-board chef, can be best enjoyed on the open deck where you can also catch some fascinating views of surroundings, while relishing local flavors.

Gliding over the serene backwaters of Kerala, you can catch some of the most mesmerizing views that this region has to offer. Tall palm trees and lush paddy fields lining these canals, along with picturesque villages and diverse wildlife, make you feel as if you have been transferred to a completely different world, where you are surrounded by the most wonderful creations of nature.

If you are looking for a memorable expedition to spend some precious moments with your loved one, then plan a houseboat stay in Kerala, which is sure to fill your mind and soul with tranquility.