Uttarakhand Monsoon trip

Enjoy a memorable trip with Uttarakhand Monsoon

Uttarakhand is not just a friendly region. It offers more than recreational gateways when the monsoon season arrives and the region becomes full of life. When travelling in monsoon period, people usually believe that it will be horrific, grey, wet and no daylight. But the moment you enter in this wonderful world, you would come to know how pleasing the rainy season can be amidst the blooming flowers, boundless verdant woodlands, low flying foggy clouds, miraculous aroma and breezy environs.

If we talk about the monsoon season in Uttarakhand, it is the time when the monsoonal winds from the southwest cross the threshold of this mesmerizing region in the month of June and bring erratic downpours. The torrential rains draw closer in July, August and September. Uttarakhand experiences 230.2 to 630.7 mm of average rainfall during these months. In these three months, it is anticipated to rain for long times and this is also considered the best time to visit this region. Weather during the monsoon season is cool, as temperature remains between 15°C and 25° on average, with highs around 30°C and lows around 18°C. In between, the weather is soothing with comfortable temperatures accompanied with cool breeze making the things more pleasant.

Due to the reason that the climate of Uttarakhand is temperate and pleasant all year along, high humidity makes the temperatures pretty cool. Rains are intense but downpours are often followed by sunlit days and chilly nights. On a positive side, the weather during monsoons is absolutely great. This can be an ideal time for a budget globetrotter who would like to explore the natural beauty in peace and get full advantage of inexpensive monsoon travel packages. Rainy days are often mixed with lot of days that are dry and if it rains, then it only lasts for a few hours without disrupting one’s holiday plans.

June and September have become a mini soaring season on the mountains as holidaymakers travel over South-Indian cities in winter seasons and travel over hilly destinations like Shimla in summer vacations. These months especially give great respite from the scorching heat of the blazing sun.

Things to do in Uttarakhand when it Rains

There are lots of things you can indulge in when the beginning of monsoon marks the appearance of cloudy skies and the region becomes alive. Speaking of unusual splendor, Uttarakhand is rapidly becoming a tourist hub because of its incomparable natural attractions and affordable travelling costs. There are also several popular regions to visit, from the Valley of flowers to the incredible Rishikesh. No matter what your budget or preference is, when the skies turn grey and visiting seashore is no longer an option, this emerges as an ideal place to rejoice.

If you are already excited about your monsoon visit and want to ensure to get the most of your monsoon trip to Uttarakhand, then here are few things you must do in your holidays:

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

You will find some superbly invigorating destination spas in the Himalayan Mountains, and tantalizing spa resorts especially in Uttarakhand. Offering skin treatments and massages, most of the spas in Uttarakhand have begun to involve a wide range of Ayurvedic therapies in monsoon season. Nestled in verdant woods, the luxurious resorts offer curative treatments based on Indian studies on Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation. Rainy days are perfect to book your spa packages in the region, as low prices and soothing environs at this time would suit you the best. All you need to do is relax and enjoy being pampered.

Shop and Enjoy

Wet days are not exactly rare, particularly in monsoons. So, when the rains open there are always ample things to do. Populated with bounty of great shopping stores, Uttarakhand will overshadow the bad weather conditions at its best. Rainy weather means a good day to explore the city’s best art galleries, shopping malls and indoor attractions. Take a shelter in the famous markets like the Kankhal Chowk Bazaar, The Mall and Bara Bazaar and you are assured to get wonderful items to buy as per your taste.

Relish local cuisine

We all feel cold and hungry in monsoons and why not, it’s a great time to taste spicy cuisines. While the restaurants begin to serve tempting delicacies, Uttarakhand offers a little more in the monsoon. You might avoid those food stalls lined along the streets, but you should definitely not miss the famous restaurants which will be serving mouth watering continental and Chinese cuisines, along with local food, so you can enjoy every flavor. You can also check out a big list of restaurants within your budget. You will no doubt love the delectable food.

Monsoon Getaways in Uttarakhand

As the monsoon season arrives, Uttarakhand gears up to varnish its gorgeous dales and lush natural splendor to greet more than thousands of travelers from around the world. Boasting of wonderful natural attractions and excellent recreational activities, this monsoon destination is truly a retreat.  Uttarakhand’s many rivulets are marked best in the world while highlands are incredibly easy to reach and are often deserted in monsoons. There are a few vistas that you certainly need to visit if you are planning a holiday trip in rainy season:


Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand

Where to see monsoon blossoms in Uttarakhand

Looking for a monsoon holiday destination where you can spend an adventurous holiday trip in Uttarakhand? Valley of flowers has forever remained a marvel worth exploring. It allows you the opportunity to get up close and recognize several Himalayan floras of varying types and sizes that have naturally grown here. Valley of flowers is an attractive and attention-grabbing milieu located right next to Nanda Devi National Park in Chamoli Gharwal in the foothills of Himalayan region. The large expanse fascinates tourists with its 300 different varieties of colorful flowers on arrival of monsoons, which give an impression of a multicolored blanket enveloping the mountains. Mountain climbing from Govindghat to Valley of flowers in monsoon is the best way to experience the blissful joy of observing this natural wonder on earth.  June to September is the only time when you can witness the beauty of this exciting place as it remains covered with snow rest of the year.


Mussorie is a perfect rainy day destination and looks fantastically beautiful after downpours. You can catch some great views of the snow-capped mountains when the sky is cloudless. The luxury resorts are majestically located amid green hills and you can explore great vistas while staying indoors when it incessantly rains during the monsoon. Hotels on the Mall Road are top choice of tourists as they offer unforgettable views of Doon valley. If you are looking for a peaceful place far away from the crowd of tourists, then you should consider guesthouses of Landour which are available at much cheaper rates in rainy weather.


Give a refreshing twist to your busy life and quench your thirst for natural beauty in the charming Nainital this monsoon. You will get too many customized tour packages to spend a wonderful rain holidays; so you can explore this monsoon destination to the fullest. This is the time when you should explore the scenic lakes, beautiful places and ancient temples of Nainital. One of the famous hill stations of North India, Nainital has abundant picturesque panoramas and diversity of floral life.


Give a boost to your monsoon mania in the breathtaking region of Ranikhet, famous for unique flora and fauna all over the world. If you are a rain cum nature lover, you must visit this beautiful region in the early monsoon and experience the beauty of lush green pastures and mounds. With gloomy clouds and amazing downpours, the rainy season in Ranikhet continues from June till August. In monsoons, this region is so jam packed with greenery that the natural beauty of this place reaches its apogee.

Useful tips

  • Pack an umbrella and a raincoat. You can buy it here as well but some hotels might be located far away from the market. Since Uttarakhand is a moderate city, just few hours out in rain can get you drenched.
  • Bring mosquito repellent and good quality shoes. Even if you plan to twiddle your thumbs on a hillside, you might find yourself exploring the Himalayan national parks at some point.
  • You are liable for your belongings. In spite of how secure the place may seem, tourist stack of expensive items like cameras and phones can be alluring for pickpockets, and things can go missing. Use your suitcase or a backpack to carry essential items or leave these at the hotel counter only and keep an eye on your things while you are roaming in the city.

In a nutshell, the climate of Uttarakhand is reasonable all year round, but the monsoon period of June to September is better than the sweltering heat and high humidity of lowlands. Uttarakhand enjoys an easygoing weather while the torrential rains in August and September can disrupt things a little; it’s rare that the hilly region has several consecutive days of heavy downpour.