Is Travel Possible in India during the Monsoon?

Is Travel Possible in India during the Monsoon?

Every creature on this earth enjoys breezy and drizzly weather as much as humans do. Though the amount of rain that falls in a region varies greatly from another, but there is nothing to compare with the rainy season of India. It is the lush green backdrops, cheering with multihued blossoms that turn out to be a charming attraction for adventure seekers all over the globe.

It’s true that it is not the only time when the country becomes a hub of tourism. But if you are geared up for monsoon season, you are likely to get the most pleasure to splash for your cash. One thing you should always bear in mind is that chances favor the well prepared.

Nevertheless, rains come for a little time to drench the land echoing happy songs with the blustery winds while leaving a smile on every face. Once the monsoon beats its trumpets, the thundering clouds, it usually snuggles down into a lovely weather pattern of downpours for only a few hours a day. It’s very mischievous as well; sometimes it doesn’t rain for days. There are also mystical areas (in barren regions like Rajasthan) India where it rains for a very brief period, while some areas (Leh and Ladakh) never seem to get any rain at any time of the year.

Goa, Valley of Flowers and Meghalaya are some of the holiday destinations which come into a bursting graceful appearance when it rains and enchant every rain lover in monsoon season. Most of the hotels, guesthouses and resorts also offer great accommodation facilities at bargain prices during this time.

From past few years, tourism division has been running various expeditions throughput the country during rainy season, an occasion that suits about every individual on the earth. Some people may prefer an indoor club to spend a good time, but generally monsoon is a wonderful time to travel in India.

Now, if you are planning to travel and explore India during rainy season, then you must be pondering­- what activities you can indulge in this monsoon? If yes, then delightfully note that there are many surprises waiting for you out there. Would you like to know what those surprises are, here you go:

Heavy rains – Only a Half Truth

Believe it or not, rains come when least anticipated. Looking out of your hotel room’s window when you will see those cloudy skies, it might give you a hint as if it will rain but that’s only an illusion. Several days can pass without a drop of rain and sometimes it only drizzles after heavy lightning. But it does not mean that it would not rain at all. So you should never spoil your holiday trips, attributing to the so-called bad weather.


Captivating Natural Landscapes

The greens in North India challenge those in the South during the monsoon season. Also, the sunlight makes space through the clouds to plunge on the earth and creates a dazzling sky before the sun sets. Photography which seems hard in summer season due to the blistering heat and as of no daylight in winters would appear really special in the monsoon season. The vividness of our dearly Mother Nature boosts up like no other season in monsoons. Here’s a case: all those beautiful sceneries we buy to adorn our walls, the mountains enveloped in a green blanket, cascading waterfalls and eye catching dales…… these silver prints are natural photographic effects of a rainy season.

Not as great crowds

Due to common fallacy, most tourists chose to avoid India during June to September. If you travel at this point of time, you would be given special attention by the hotels and probably big discounts as well. In other busy seasons, you will have to make efforts to find a hotel and get some discount, but in the monsoon season you should feel at home. No worries about sky high prices, just pack your bags and great things will itself come your way.

Gardening vistas

Here we are talking about the long drawn out expanses of farming fields, as India is an agriculturally rich land, the crop seasons are diverse- cultivators in the field nurturing the corn, wheat, coconut, rice, tea plantations, almonds, grazing cows and gushing out rivulets and lakes are only few, but the holiday inventory is never ending at this time of the year.

Better Deals

With not only less local people but less tourists too, you can almost visit any shopping store and you will find the salesperson more warm and welcoming than ever. Being an off season in all regions, monsoon is blissful for shopping lovers so you can try your hand at bargaining in the local stores all over the country.

Less Teeming Eateries

The best part of spending holidays in India during monsoons is that you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the tourists. In Goa, Maharashtra and lot of other places you can relish delectable food in the months of July and August. Try some delicious cuisines and delicacies created especially for the season of monsoon. Choose from a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like soups, cereals like corn, chickpea and oats among others. Avoid having fish, as monsoon is their breeding season. If you are craving to taste prawns or fish, check twice that it’s fresh. So come fast and enjoy the season with your family and friends by savoring these mouth watering cuisines, only in India.

Friendly Environs

Not just environs but you will also find people during monsoons in a friendly mood. It seems like rainy days spread a mysterious air in the atmosphere. Everything is just same, as children going to their schools, workers to offices and even the scorching heat is not around, but it feels as if monsoon refreshes every individual’s mood and creates a fun-loving ambiance.

Appealing Beaches

Beyond doubt, one of the most famous Indian cities, Goa gets a good amount of rainfall during the monsoon season and it makes the region even more charming. It is a destination for every kind of vacationer. You will also get to experience more culture and traditions in India. Beaches of Goa can give you an experience worth cherishing with colorful markets and wonderful food, which are in great demand.

Off Season Deals

Nearly all regions in the world have a high or low season in terms of tourism, as India has. During the low season, hotels, restaurants and trip operators are keen to tempt tourists by offering big deals. Discounts and special offers would become standard in the places that would not even imagine of providing small discounts when demand is soaring. For example, spas and hotels in towns like Kerala and Goa do thriving business in other seasons, but as monsoon appears, many reduce the prices of their packages as low as possible in an endeavor to entice travelers to their hilly areas. While low season is prudent for loads of penny pinchers, just remember that most of the activities would still be available to indulge in.

Smiling Valley of Flowers National Park

From past few years, the valley of flowers is emerging as a great sightseeing option in India. You will have a great chance to embark on a delightful tour as this place is one of its kinds, which is only accessible in the monsoon season. You can plan a trip, bring raining coats and the adventure here never stops. It would not be wrong if anyone says “the rainy season is a perfect time to travel in India when the travelers will no doubt find something out of the ordinary!

While travelling during monsoon in India has some downsides, you will find that the advantages overshadow them. Here are a few tips to add in your monsoon travel in India for choosing an easy on the pocket destination:

  • Visit an area’s travel operator online or give your Indian friends a call to find out when the rainy season begins and which areas would be best to visit during this season.
  • You can also find links to plenty of websites for tourism agencies all over the globe. All the states, cities and villages are listed on the internet. Notable thing is that every tour operator, resort or airline independently sets a period that it regards as a low season.
  • To get full benefits of monsoon season, look for an area which can offer sightseeing options in this weather condition. Also check the weather forecast to find out what weather pattern the areas are likely to have.
  • If there is an art gallery, museum or any indoor attraction at the destination you are planning to visit, check the weather or contact your trip provider to know whether the place would be easy to get to or if any restorations will be taking place.
  • Approach local tour operators to make the first move for deal haunting. Most of the websites have deals and promotions listings about the best offers in the monsoon season.

Travelling to India in monsoon is a good idea, just make sure to plan well and make the most of this wonderful opportunity.