Top tourist attractions in patna

Top tourist attractions in Patna, the capital city of Indian state of Bihar, is one of the oldest cities which boast of rich culture and incredible history. Since ancient times, Patna has been used as the regal seat by different rulers. The name of the region has been changed many times with the change in the ruling dynasties. This city houses a large number of historic sites, which can enrich tourist’s knowledge and can also help the vacationers to know the city from proximity. Some of the most famous historic locations are:

State Secretariat Building

An important structure, State Secretarial building is often known as the landmark of the city. Located adjacent to the high court, all the important decisions regarding the state are taken here. This building spreads over a large area and houses various offices and departments belonging to the state government. This architectural wonder has been designed according to the Indo-Saracenic style and also gives a glimpse of the renaissance period.

Khuda Baksh Oriental Library

One of the oldest libraries of the country, Khuda Baksh Oriental Library is located close to the Ganga River. This library boasts of a collection of around 21000 manuscripts and various printed books. Some of the manuscripts present in the library belong to the personal collection of Khuda Baksh. In the year 1969, this library gained a title of national importance. This library also has a huge collection of paintings which belongs to the Mughal era and depicts the royal lifestyle of the rulers. So if you want to know about the history of the former rulers, a visit to this library must be included in your itinerary.

Qila House

An exquisitely designed museum, Qila House has been constructed on the site of famous Sher Shah’s fort. This museum displays a large collection of silver and jade filigree work, along with paintings that belong to the Mughal period. A visit to the Qila House can leave the tourists enriched with knowledge. The rich history of the region can be witnessed at this museum as it is adorned by interesting collections belonging to the former rulers.

Darbhanga House

Established by Darbhanga king, the Darbhanga House is now under the control of Patna University. The Darbhanga kings were famous amongst people because they always promoted education in the region. An important feature of the Darbhanga House is the beautiful temple which has been constructed inside the premises of the attractive palace. Maharaja Kameshwar Singh was a dedicated devotee of Goddess Kali and used to offer prayers to the deity. This monument is an evidence of the rich educational heritage of the city.

If you want to treat yourself with some impressive Mughal architecture, Patna is the right place to be at. This city beckons its tourists to visit various attractions that have made the region popular. It impresses one and all by its magnificently architectured structures. So the next time you want to witness the grandiosity and architectural brilliance of the monuments, you surely know where to go.