Top things to do in Haryana

Top things to do in Haryana  :: Set in Aravalli foothills, the Indian state of Haryana spreads over an area of 44,000 sq km in northern India. The city has an elaborated history which dates back to the Vedic age. This state has witnessed the rise as well as fall of various empires. Apart from its vast history, the region is also famous for offering a large number of adventure activities. Holidaymakers can enjoy themselves amidst the serene and scenic locations of the region.

River Rafting

Tourists can indulge in the activity of river rafting at River Yamuna. An adventurous activity, river rafting can help a person to explore the white waters of the region. It is a challenge to complete the ride as a number of difficulties might be faced. An outdoor recreational activity, water rafting makes use of inflatable rafts which are required to navigate through the water body. Travelers indulging in this extreme sport are provided with the help of experts who are well equipped and experienced. So the next time you plan to indulge in this sport, remember to visit Haryana.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be enjoyed on the rocks that lie close to  Damdama Lake. Rock climbing is often referred to as a mentally and physically demanding sport, testing a person’s endurance, balance, strength and agility.  Numerous rock climbing competitions are also held at this location and amateur as well as experienced rock climbers can become a part of these. However, it is important to have knowledge about the proper climbing techniques to avoid injuries. You can indulge in the activity of climbing rocky walls and feel the adrenaline rush.


At Badkhal Lake vacationers can enjoy kayaking. In this activity, a person is required to make use of a Kayak in order to move across the river. Being one of the most popular water sports, kayaking is undertaken by innumerable tourists visiting the region. The kayaks are designed differently to handle different types of conditions. Beginners can also try their hand at this sport under the supervision of experts.


Health conscious tourists and nature lovers can also enjoy cycling amidst the rural backgrounds of the state. Bicycles are also used to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the state apart from using them as a source of transport. So while on a trip to Haryana, use this effective and efficient mode of transport and avail numerous benefits.

Apart from the above stated activities, tourists can also undertake other adventure activities namely, parasailing, canoeing trekking and boat cruising. If you love to indulge in different kind of adventure activities then you surely know where to go for the vacations. Haryana tourism offers different kinds of experiences which can leave a person with some interesting memories that can be cherished forever. So plan a trip to this fascinating destination and get ready to drench yourself in the madness of different adventure sports.