Top South Indian honeymoon destinations

Top South Indian honeymoon destinations – South India is bestowed with some of the most beautiful, revitalizing and breathtaking romantic honeymoon destinations. So if you wish to indulge in the beauty of sprawling hills, meandering rivers, tranquil backwaters or lush green fields, a trip to any of the below written destinations can help you to collect some everlasting memories. South Indian destination can be accessed throughout the year to enjoy an exclusive trip in the nature’s lap. So take your pick and plan your honeymoon to one of the majestic south Indian destinations.

  • Make deep bondage amidst hills At Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is famously called as the “princess of hill stations” and is one of the many hill stations which are present in south India. This destination is endowed with all the characters that make it an ideal honeymoon spot. Serene ambiance and majestic surroundings of the region, give ample of opportunities to the honeymooners to know each other in a better manner. Trekking, cycling and boating are some of the activities that can be enjoyed together to spend some quality time in each other’s company. A stroll around the enchanting waterfalls surrounded by huge rocks can offer peaceful experience. The star shaped Kodai lake remains as a must visit attraction of the region.

Make deep bondage amidst hills At Kodaikanal


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  • Kovalam: A serene and scenic destination

If you are looking forward to ultimate peace, calmness and tranquility on your honeymoon trip then Kovalam is the best place to be at. A city rich in scenic natural beauty and greenery, Kovalam offers rejuvenation for mind, soul and body. The magnificently carved monuments and temples captivate the visitor’s attention. A ride on the houseboat can completely enthrall you. Honeymooning couples can indulge in ayurveda massages to relax their bodies and feel refreshed. Newlyweds can also sit back and relax while enjoying the beauty and sounds of the nature.

Kovalam: A serene and scenic destination


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  • Experience an enchanting start at Munnar

Peeping down to south, Munnar is a place to be at, if you love to spend some time with nature. A haven of tranquility and peace, Munnar is adorned by expanses of tea plantation, exotic mountains, lush green forests, pristine valleys and species of flora. The colonial bungalows and cool weather adds to the beauty of the region. Honeymooners can enjoy trekking in the lap of nature or can also indulge in boat rides. Being a wildlife enthusiast, you and your beloved can visit the renowned Eravikulam national park, which houses endangered animal species. This is a destination which you would like to visit again and again.

Experience an enchanting start at Munnar


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  • Indulge in romantic holidays at Lakshadweep Islands

A dream destination for newly wedded couple, Lakshadweep Island is surrounded by vast expense of clear and blue sea. Ultimate fun and joy can be experienced amidst the incredibly magnificent water bodies and vast stretch of sand. Life can be enjoyed to the fullest at Lakshadweep as the sound of waves, pleasant weather, swaying palm trees and beach resorts add to the beauty of the region. Honeymooners are attracted towards different water sports can be enjoyed under expert supervision and are easily available on the island. So remember to visit the nearby islands to spend some quality time with your loved one away from the maddening crowd of the cities.

Indulge in romantic holidays at Lakshadweep Islands


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  • Enjoy adventurous stay at Idukki

Idukki is one of the most visited and mesmerizing hill stations present in south India. Adorned by tea gardens, national parks and different sanctuaries, Idukki houses something for everyone. Walking past the spice plantation and aboriginal tribe, newlyweds can experience the true essence of the hill station. The Idukki dam is a must visit attraction of the region as it is Asia’s first and world’s second arch dam. The vista offered by this beautiful hill station is truly magical. Indulging in elephant safari can take the honeymooners through panoramic views and offers a unique serenity to let the magic of love show its colors.

Enjoy adventurous stay at Idukki


  • Coonoor: Perfect blend of nature and love

Coonoor is famous as a picnic spot among the local residents. The lush flora of the region combined with the tea gardens make a person loose the track of time. While walking with your loved one through the hill station, people can easily come across the picturesque beauty of the region. The green slopes adore species of different flowers along with some evergreen trees and plants. Couples can be seen sitting, relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of Coonoor. This is an ideal destination for all those who are looking forward to enjoy their honeymoon vacations but at a pre-specified budget.

Coonoor Perfect blend of nature and love


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  • Get closer to nature at Araku Valley

Andhra Pradesh, a south Indian state has various locations that can double as ideal honeymoon spots and Araku Valley is one such magnificent location. This fascinating valley consists of a large number of hills, pompous orchards and undulating meadows that add to the pleasing weather present all around the year. A visit to this destination can be planned throughout the year to unfold the mysterious elements of this majestic valley. This is truly a must visit location with your special someone. Shopping for old silver jewelry from the tribal people is sure to leave some reminiscent memories with the visitors.

Explore the majesticness of Nandi Hills

Araku Valley

  • Devikulam: A honeymooner’s delight

The majestic and calm Devikulam hill station offers a perfect retreat for the honeymooning couple. Sita Devi, the sacred lake present in the vicinity of the hill station attract tourist’s attention as it is regarded as a must visit attraction of the region. This lake is popular not just because of its religious significance but also because of the minerals which are present in the pristine water. An exquisite location, Devikulam is also rich in its bio diversity. Wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers can choose this location to collect some memorable memories from their honeymoon trip.

Devikulam A honeymooner’s delight.


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  • Indulge in the uniqueness of Pondicherry

The peaceful ambiance of Pondicherry beckons honeymooners to spend some quality time with each other. A delight for history lover, Pondicherry retains its glory of the past. The city is adorned by a large number of brilliantly architecture wonders including churches, colonial buildings and statues. The cultural heritage of the city can leave the newlyweds mesmerized. Pondicherry houses various attractions that can be visited to get an insight of the local Tamil Nadu culture. So if you have been planning your honeymoon on a budget, choose Pondicherry, one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in south India.

Indulge in the uniqueness of Pondicherry


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  • A honeymooner’s paradise: Kerala

Kerala is truly God’s own country. With vast stretches of Arabian Sea surrounding the state from one side and the imposing Western Ghats present on the other side, Kerala is enclosed between impressive geographical features. The city has it all, from exotic cuisines to golden beaches and from exotic wildlife to lush green hills. The mesmerizing waterfalls can leave the visitors spell bound with its beauty. Kerala is also regarded as the cleanest state in India therefore a honeymoon planned to this destination can leave the couple with some beautiful memories that can be cherished for life.

A honeymooner’s paradise Kerala


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  • Explore the majesticness of Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills, alternatively called as the “hill of happiness” are nestled in the Indian state of Karnataka. This place remains flooded with newly married couples throughout the year. The name of this beautiful destination is attached with various legends and myths which has further increased the popularity of the region. The ultimate silence and tranquility of the hill station helps to ignite the spark of love which is not there in the newly married life. Therefore planning a trip to this destination is the easiest way to come closer.

So after your wedding, plan a romantic honeymoon to one of the famous south Indian destinations and spend some memorable moments with your loved one. South India is full of different destinations where the newlyweds can get to know about each other in an interesting manner. Head toward some of the magnificent location down south and collect some significant memories.

Explore the majesticness of Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills

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