Top Places to Visit Jammu Valley

Top Places to Visit Jammu Valley – From time immemorial, the region of Jammu and Kashmir has been referred to as a paradise on earth. Jahangir, the Mughal emperor has said that “if paradise is anywhere on the earth, it is here.” With an array of vast lakes, beautiful gardens, stunning landscapes and pristine streams, the land of Jammu is worth exploring.

Peer Khoh

A cave shrine, Peer Khoh is situated at a distance of about 3.5 km from the town’s center. This cave houses a Shiva lingam which has been formed naturally. According to the legends, these caves lead to a large number of underground cave shrines, some of which also lie outside the country. So while on a trip to this beautiful destination, remember to visit this cave shrine.

Amar Mahal Palace Museum

An architectural wonder, Amar Mahal Palace Museum was constructed in the year 1862 and is located in the famous Amar Mahal Palace. Designed according to the French chateau architectural style, this amazing museum has been divided into two main sections, which depict the royal past of Jammu. The golden throne, which is made out of pure gold and weighs around 120 kg, is the main attraction of the museum, making it a must visit place for all those who love art and history.

Bahu Fort and Gardens

Located near the well known Amar Mahal Museum is the Bahu Fort. A must visit destination of the region, Bahu Fort, was constructed about 3000 years ago. The walls of the fort give a glimpse of the wars that it has witnessed and the royal lifestyle enjoyed by the ruling kings. This amazingly beautiful fort is surrounded by stunning waterfalls and lush green gardens and adorned with vibrant flowers in different colors. This fort houses a temple which is dedicated to goddess Kali.

Bagh-I-Bahu Aquarium

One of the India’s biggest underground aquariums, Bagh-I-Bahu is located in Jammu. Ever since it’s opening, this aquarium has attracted a large number of tourists. Equipped with a public gallery, laboratory, museum and a conference hall, this magnificent aquarium gives the travelers a chance to explore the majestic underwater world. This aquarium also doubles as an educational centre and consists of 24 aquarium caves which are equipped with more than 400 varieties of marine as well as fresh water fishes.


The region of Jammu has a large number of tourist attractions and Sanasar is one of the most wonderful hill stations present in the region. Deriving its name from two popular lakes “Sana” and “Sar”, Sanasar offers a magnificent view to its visitors. At this destination, tourists can also indulge in various adventure activities.

Apart from being a pilgrim’s paradise, the region has a lot more to offer to its visitors. Choose this destination to beat the summer heat and enjoy with your family and friends. The striking beauty of the region is sure to mesmerize its visitors. So pack your bags and plan a trip to Jammu.