Top India Monsoon Season Health Tips

Top India Monsoon Season Health Tips

Time to say goodbye to the scorching summers, as lovely monsoon season has now arrived. Especially rain lovers must be wondering which would be the best destination in India to visit to keep up their rainy mood. Rainy season is akin to a catalyst to boost up natural beauty, but it also brings some health hazards along. Though the cool winds would blow and a variety of flora and fauna would be there to enchant you all around, your holidaying comfort depends on how well prepared you are for the jaunt.

We all love to get wet and play in downpours but contagious diseases are what can really ruin one’s holiday plans. This turns out to be even more decisive when you are travelling along with small children or older people. The common monsoon diseases are malaria, cold, cough and throat infections.

If you are planning your next monsoon holiday trip to India, you need to know a few health tips which will help you stay fit and enjoy your rainy holidays to the fullest. Read on following tips and know how you can tackle the bad health issues during Indian rainy season:

Avoid having food from street vendors

The aroma of delicious food being prepared at those food stalls lined up along the street would deficiently tempt your appetite, but more you stay away from them, lesser will be the chances of getting sick. Street foods like Golgappas, Pakoras, Rabri and Golas are mouth watering but contain microbes which can cause digestion problems. Also, avoid eating fruit chats as much as you can, as open food has a tendency to increase germ penetration which can also lead to food borne diseases.

Don’t get Soaked to the skin during Rains

No matter how much you care, you may get little wet in rains. But you should always try to stay dry and keep yourself prepared for the rainy weather. While going out for long outdoor excursions, carry an umbrella, a raincoat or a waterproof jacket to escape the rains. Rain water is impure and hence not good for our health. It can cause fever and damage one’s hair to a great extent.

Prefer bathing after getting wet

If you have got wet in the rain, it does not mean you had a bath. As soon as you return to your hotel room, go for a hot shower to stay away from infections. Also, do not enter an air-conditioned room after taking a bath or with wet clothes.  Switch off the A.C, let your body come to its normal temperature, dry your hair and then turn it on at a reasonable temperature. This will protect you from viral infection like flu and cold.

Stay Away from Dehydration

To protect yourself from water borne diseases, try to consume pure and distilled water. You will easily find distilled water bottles in Indian markets and you can keep them in your backpack while going out. They will cost you only a few pennies but will be of great use. You can also intake hot drinks like green tea, ginger tea which are very beneficial to defend against germs and infections. Indian restaurants are famous for their diverse types of tea and this way you will also get a golden chance to relish them.

Exercise regularly

Whether you are in your own country or out, exercising regularly is a key to attain good health. You can wake up early in the morning before beginning the outdoor journey and carry out some exercises in your hotel room. Many hotels provide gym services to their guests. If you are staying in any of such hotels, you should take advantage of daily exercise. It is not important to have a trainer to perform workout, as you can also indulge in some common exercises.

Only Fresh Fish is a monsoon dish

It means until you are unknown to whether you are being served freshly made seafood, avoid eating it. Since monsoon is said to be the fish breeding season, there is also a ban on fishing. They may also contain infections in them. Raw fish should be completely avoided, and if you still want to have fish, make sure to check the fish size and ensure if it is properly grilled from both sides.

Keep yourself fresh

A major cause of sickness is adopting an unhealthy lifestyle. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, wear clean clothes and take bath on a regular basis. Particularly, keep in mind to change inner wear daily which may cause internal infections as well. If at all possible, keep an extra set of garments in your backpack whenever stepping out of the hotel so that even if you get wet, you will have an option to wear dry clothes. Wash your hands before and after having a meal. You can also buy a sanitizer to keep your hands clean.

Carry a Mosquito Repellent

Make sure the room where you have arranged a stay is clean and free from mosquitoes. Malaria and dengue are some diseases which are widespread during the rains.  Get a good mosquito repellent and spray it in all corners, mainly around the sleeping areas. Keep waste like tea cups and food away as they may attract these biting insects and cause irritation. In case, you are staying in an inexpensive hotel, carry a mosquito net, as this will guard you against mosquito attack at nights.

Take and Give Special Care

No one plans to get sick. But if any of your family members is sick, try to provide them with special care and proper warmth, primarily when it is a viral infection. Do not wait for more than 24 hours if the disease seems to be severe, visit a good hospital and get immediate medical attention. Besides, avoid travelling with a sick member in rainy time and try to offer healthy food like soup and food made up of green vegetables.

Travel as less as possible

As you venture out, you would find wet and muddy roads everywhere. It is better to stick to recreational activities which can be done indoors. India is full of such attractions; you will find a museum or an art gallery almost on every street. Visit these attractions and you can easily spend a healthy holidaying time. Be sure to keep an eye on weather forecasts to enjoy sunny days while basking in the lovely sunshine or a watching a rainbow in a hill station.

Avoid Dirty Puddles

Make sure to wear good quality shoes which are comfortable and can prevent your feet from getting wet. If you have entered one of those dirty swimming pools, right away clean them and dry them with a dry tissue or a towel. Wet feet can easily get infected and highly impact your nail toes if you are suffering from diabetes. It is important to give special attention to all the body parts during rainy season and take as much precautions as possible. Keep your clothes, hair and shoes dry all the time.

Make monsoon a relaxing time

India is worldwide famous for its Ayurvedic massage therapies. Some of the South-Indian states like Kerala provide special treatments in monsoon at budget prices. These Indian regions are not only located amidst lush green woodlands but can give you an absolute pleasure with their Ayurvedic treatments. Natural herbs used to give the body massage have great medicinal benefits and are assured to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. To enjoy a pleasant stay, you are advised to book your packages in advance.

Enjoy Indian Seasonal Fruits

While the blossoms enhance the natural magnificence of Indian regions, the markets burst with a wide range of seasonal fruits. Fruits like mangoes, litchis, plums, and pears can be found on about every fruit stall. If you cannot resist having a fruit chat, you can buy fresh fruits and prepare a fresh chat in your hotel room. Consumption of fruits that contain lots of vitamins and minerals can save you from many infections.

Carry right amount of clothes

Better to come well prepared and stay fit during the entire vacationing time. It’s not that difficult as you think it to be. Weather is unpredictable – when you hope for cold weather it can be hot. Few of winter clothes like a light weight jacket would be helpful. They will keep you warm during nights and early mornings when chances of catching cold are generally more. Staying protected is an ingenious way to avoid infections, allergies and ailments during a monsoon season.

Rainy season is a cheerful season, as it keeps you cool and fresh all the time. People wait for this season with a bated breath but it can prove to be exasperating if they catch any disease owing to rains. You should follow above given health tips. Staying fit will give you stamina to fight against the stern diseases and let you enjoy remarkable holidays in a beautiful country like India.

Have a Safe and Healthy Monsoon Trip!