Top eight holiday destinations around the globe

Top eight holiday destinations around the globe – Planning for holidays can be an interesting and the most difficult task at the same time. If you are planning to spend your holidays in a perfect manner without spending too much, then here are top 8 destinations around the globe that can help you to enjoy your holidays in a budget friendly manner.



 A visit to this amazing country can leave you spellbound. Nepal offers a number of delights for the travelers which include trekking for the adventure seekers to a large number of temples for the religiously inclined tourists.



 It is one of the most affordable destinations to enjoy with your friends. The local Thai cuisine can leave a person asking for more. The holy ambiance of innumerous Buddhist temples is sure to leave your mind and soul relaxed. People interested in sports can enjoy the famous Thai boxing also.



Holidaying in India is an inexpensive and easy way of beating the stress. This country offers plenty of options, in terms of destinations and activities, as well as various travel deals in a variety of price range. This place can leave its visitors amused with its rich culture and heritage.



This south Asian country is worth marking a visit to, as it is sure to transfer you to a completely different world. The residents of the country are friendly and are always ready to help the visitors. Visiting Sri Lanka can come as a refreshing break from the monotonous schedule.



This is a perfect place to visit for nature lovers. The mysterious rainforests, crystal clear seas and sun kissed beaches will leave the vacationers fascinated with its beauty. Travelers need not to swipe their credit card too frequently as they can enjoy their trip by remaining well within their budget.



 Explore the undiscovered regions of the country to enjoy its peace and wildness at its best. The temperature of the country remains well within comfortable range therefore a trip can be planned all around the year.



 An appealing place, Peru offers some of the most interesting attractions to its visitors. The cool and peaceful atmosphere of the country helps the tourists in relaxing and rejuvenating their body and mind.



People traveling on a shoe string budget can enjoy themselves with ease amidst the spectacular landscapes and amazing food of the country. As many parts of the country still remain unexplored, therefore a trip can help in discovering the best of the country.

So plan a trip to any of the above stated destinations and enjoy an unforgettable vacationing experience.