Top 5 Goa Museums

Top 5 Goa Museums – Goa, a state famous for beaches, exquisitely architectured churches and wildlife sanctuaries, has a lot more to offer to its visitors. Boasting of its grand past, Goa houses some of the most famous museums of the country. A visit to these museums can leave the visitors enriched with knowledge. Some of the museums which have increased the popularity of the region are:

Goa State Museum

Located in Panjim, Goa’s capital city, Goa State Museum was inaugurated in the year 1996 by the then president of the country. This museum was set up with an aim of centralizing and preserving the antiques and objects of art and cultural importance.

This museum is adorned by more than 8000 artifacts which include wooden objects, paintings, stone sculptures, manuscripts, numismatic collection, carvings, anthropological objects and rare coins. This museum also has a good collection of Jain and Hindu artifacts. Divided into 14 galleries, tourists can visit this amazing museum during the weekdays.

Naval Aviation Museum Goa 

One of the three of its kind museums, which are present in the country, Naval Aviation museum is a famous military museum. The objects showcased in the museum belong to the Indian Naval Air Arm. This museum has been divided into two parts namely, the indoor gallery and an outdoor exhibit.

Indoor gallery gives an insight of the battles in which the Naval forces and Indian Army has participated, while the outdoor exhibition exhibits various aircrafts which have been used by the army. A small shed is also present in the outdoor exhibit showcasing aircraft engines.

Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery Goa 

Established in 1964 and reorganized in 1981, Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery is under the control of Archaeological Survey of India. This museum is located in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi’s convent section.

Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery comprises of eight galleries which include artifacts from pre historic and historic period of the region. Paintings of Viceroys and Governors of colonial Goa are also present inside the museum. Some of the noteworthy features of the museum are sati stone, Arabic inscriptions, wooden sculptures, Portuguese weapons and a life size statue of Luis Vaz de Camoes, a Portuguese poet.

Museum Of Christian Art Goa 

Museum Of Christian Art was established in 1994 with the technical and financial help from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The exhibits of the museum are divided in eight main categories, which are named as sculptures, ivory, precious metals, furniture, paintings, metals, textile and miscellaneous objects.

Artwork of famous artists belonging to Portuguese era has been put up on display at the Museum Of Christian Art. Some artifacts belonging to 16th century also adorn the museum. Tourists can even view the sculptures of crucifix which decorate the museum walls.

A trip to the above stated museums can be an enriching experience. Therefore while in Goa, do not forget to visit one or all of these impressive museums which help a person to have a better knowledge of the past.