Top 10 things to do in Tamil Nadu

Top 10 things to do in Tamil Nadu –  Tamil Nadu is a lively state, offering numerous extraordinary wonders for holiday makers. The land features a long and exciting list of things to do. Whether it is exotic hill stations or historical cities, the bustling state proffers a wide range of options to explore from. Apart from sighting attractions, there is a list of other activities that can be enjoyed in this amazing land to make the most of a trip to Tamil Nadu.

1 – Pay a visit to numerous ancient temples

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When having a trip to Tamil Nadu, you certainly cannot miss a visit to old temples that boast unique architecture of the past. Listen to the “harikatha” stories that describe the living of a saint or a tale from an Indian epic. Tamil Nadu is the state of temples having towering gopurams that ascend above the markets of mostly every town. Besides this, tourists can also visit the Great Living Chola Temples that date back to the 10th century and have been declared as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

2-Take pleasure in cultural festivals

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A myriad of cultural festivals are conducted in Tamil Nadu in the months of January and February. The temple city of Chidambaram organizes the annual Natyanjali Dance Festival in February which marks the performance of some of the most renowned dancers of India. Apart from this, the famous Mahabalipuram Dance festival begins from the mid of January and is extended till the mid of February. Besides, Trichy and Kanchipuram take off with great vigor during their car processions. Decorated chariots with valued deities tour the city with pomp and enthusiasm. The list of festivals also includes the annual Float Festival, which is celebrated in Madurai in the month of January. The idols of Lord Shiva and Meenakshi are taken out of the temples and floated in the Mariamman Teppakulum tank on bedecked rafts for a few days. Mid of January is attractive with the celebration of Pongal, one of the most significant festivals of the state.

3-Catch a Bharatanatyam performance

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Those who love dance cannot miss their visit to Kalakshetra to catch a live performance of world-renowned Bharata Natyam, one of the extremely treasured dance forms of Tamil Nadu. The origin of this dance form dates back to the 10th century. This classical form of dance is carried out in musical collage of Bhava, Tala and Raga, in bright and vibrant costumes as well as ornaments. While it was once performed by the Devadasis in religious sites, it has now gained immense glory. When the professional Bharata Natyam dancers perform for their guests, the ambience personifies the spiritual charisma of heaven on the materialistic earth.

4-Relax at the golden beaches

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The beaches of Tamil Nadu are considered to be one of the best beaches in India. Elliot beach, Kovalam Beach, Kanyakumari Beach and Mamallapuram Beach are a few popular beaches of Tamil Nadu. It is certainly due to this reason that this vibrant state is famous as a beach destination among the tourists. The extended golden sand, the bountiful sea ends its voyage and meets the land. As Tamil Nadu is surrounded by Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, the sate enjoys a magnificent coastline. Breathtaking sights of sunrise and sunset can be witnessed from the coastal area. The serene ambience offered by these beaches offers a good time to relax and rejuvenate your mind as well as soul. Besides, adventure buffs can indulge in numerous electrifying water sports that are carried out on many beaches in Tamil Nadu.

5 – Enjoy varied traditional cuisines on banana leaf


Although utensils are usually used to serve the food in India, Tamil Nadu is a state where food is served on huge banana leaves. While some believe it is usually because of wide availability of these kinds of leaves in the region, others connect it to historic and religious reasons as well. People of Tamil Nadu usually believe that having food on banana leaves can help cure Parkinson’s disease. Whatever, the reason might be, enjoying traditional food on banana leaves, like idliyappam, uthappam and plenty of other cuisines, is a different experience, especially for those who have not visited this state earlier. So, one must surely not miss to experience this new thing when having a trip to Tamil Nadu.

6-Rejuvenate your mind amidst the magnificent hills of Ooty

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Ooty, a famous hill station in Tamil Nadu is a land of scenic picnic sites. Blessed with panoramic beauty, Ooty nestles in an arena created by four hills including Elk Hill, Doddabetta Hill, Club Hill and Snowdon hill. Surrounded by lofty mountains, verdant forests, attractive flowerbeds and acres of green tea plantations, the quaint town is a paradise for tourists. Apart from offering serene ambience which helps rejuvenate the mind and soul of the visitors, this tranquil city homes numerous tourist attractions such as famous Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, rose garden, pristine Ooty Lake, lamb’s rock. Boating in the Ooty Lake is a delight for the tourists. Besides, travelers can have a good time exploring the natural charm of the place.

7 – Enjoy a sip of tea

Enjoy a sip of tea

Enjoy a sip of tea

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Tea production is a big business in Ooty, one of the most preferred tourist destinations of Tamil Nadu. The city has a long stretch of tea plantations that are lined along the highways. Those travelling here can explore impressive accommodations of tea plantations and see how tea is processed in the famous tea factory of Ooty, which has now become a tourist site. The hills surrounding these plantations offer a good opportunity for trekking as well. This means, those travelling here can indulge in other adventurous activities apart from getting insight into the processing of tea.

8 – Participate in Jallikattu

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Jallikattu, also known as Manju Virattu, is a bull taming sport that is played in the state of Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebration. This sport is popular among the warriors since the Tamil classical period. Bull fighting has been common among tribal who lived in the Mullai region of Tamil Nadu. As per a legend, the game was used by women in earlier days to choose their husbands. It later became a sport to display bravery and is now conducted for entertainment every year on Mattu Pongal day. While adventure seekers can choose to participate in this traditional sport, others can enjoy watching the game as audience.

9 – Shop for beautiful silk sarees

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Although, Chinese might have invented silk, Tamils perfected it. The beautiful state of Tamil Nadu is famous for its silk and Kancheepuram sarees, besides a plenty of other things. The wavers from Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu make wonderful sarees that are distinguished by its broad contrast borders. The kancheepuram sarees woven with silk hold major significance here as these are worn by the local women on occasions and festivals only. So, if you are in Tamil Nadu, you can shop around for Kancheepuram and silk sarees, especially when you are offered the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options.

10 – Savor elephant ride in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Savor elephant ride in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Tiger Reserve

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The hilly topography of the Western Ghats, covered with verdant moist deciduous afforests make Mudumalai one of the most striking tiger reserves in Tamil Nadu. The national park located on Mysore-Ooty highway offers varied habitats. The sanctuary is a home for wild elephants, leopard, tiger, wild dogs, deer and a plenty of other birds and animals. One of the most exciting things about this Tiger Reserve is the elephant ride which takes you through different parts of this sanctuary. As such rides are hard to find, one must not afford to miss this opportunity when having a trip to Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu has something exhilarating to offer throughout the year. So, take a sojourn and indulge in some of the electrifying activities that the land of Tamil Nadu offers to its visitors.