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Top 10 things to do in Karnataka,  A beautiful Indian destination lies in the south western part of the country and is visited by tourists all around the year. People from different parts of the world are fascinated by the beauty of this state which is bordered by Laccadive and Arabian Sea from the western side and by the majestic city of Goa from the North West side. A trip to this majestic land can leave the visitors with some enchanting memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. So pack your bags and play a trip to Karnataka but do not forget to include the below written 10 things in your itinerary to enjoy the journey to the fullest.

A date with historic monuments at Hampi

Hampi has the ability to take its visitors to the ancient era now preserved inside the history books. This region gives an insight of the lifestyle of wealthy maharajas and kings that have ruled the region along with the stories of prosperous kingdom, imposing architecture and majestic elephants. As the tourists take a tour of this fascinating city, structures as well as the majesticness of the city comes alive and tell the long forgotten tales to the visitors. A person can easily get mesmerized by the beauty of the ruins. The wonderful monuments can enchant, amaze as well as inspire the travelers. So if you are fascinated by history, do plan a trip to this historic land.

Indulge in the aroma of coffee at Chikmagalur

People who have unconditional love for coffee can enjoy their favorite drink amidst the beautiful surroundings. Little coffee shops are present in every corner of the city and offer an amazing taste to the visitors. It is generally said that you have not enjoyed a cuppa of coffee unless you had one brewed from this amazing city. Chikmagalur is believed to be the home to first beans which were planted by Baba Budan. After you are done sipping on your coffee, you can also try your hand at different adventurous activities, such as trekking or off road driving, which are available in the region.

Seek divine blessing at Shravanabelagola

If you are planning to enjoy your vacations in a sacred manner, Karnataka still has a lot to offer to its pilgrims. Lord Gomateshwara statue which stands tall at 58 ft is worth making a visit to. This large looming figure boasts of serenity, poise and grace and leaves the tourists wondering over its amazing architecture. If you stand next to the feet of the statue, you may fall short of few centimeters to reach the giant toe. However if you are blessed, you can become a part of the maha mastakabhisheka, a festival which is held once in every 12 years.

Enjoy the spectacle of Yakshagana under the twinkling sky

Truly magical and mystical are the two words that can best describe the experience of attending a Yakshagana performance. Under the starlit sky, the coastal area theater fills up with music, colorful makeup performers, dance, vibrant costumes and the sessions of storytelling starts. What can be more mesmerizing than watching a powerful performance along with equally fascinating music? Celestial music as it is alternative called, stands true to its name. Some of the other art forms or dance performance such as Nagamandala, Bhootha Aradhane and Krishna Parijatha has increased the popularity of the region.

Be enthralled by the beauty of Jog Falls

The impressive cataracts make up for a site that can behold the visitor’s attention. Jog falls are said to be India’s highest waterfall and thus visiting them would be a delight in itself. Various rivers slice past lush green forests, ramble through plains and eventually emerge to take a headlong tumble which can sometimes be as deep as 253 m. Jog falls impress one and all with a combination of being stunning as well as ferocious. As the water falls down in a silvery white curtain manner, all you can do is to stare at it in pure amazement.

Greet the wild animals on their territory

Give your wild side a streak of adventure in Karnataka. Go and meet the wild cats in their natural habitat. Large tracts of lush green and undulating forests are inhabited by different species and are considered as the priceless gems of the region. About 10% of the population of the tigers can be found in the natural forests. However now the jungles have been inhibited by other animals also, which includes elephants, blackbuck, and hornbills amongst others. Though it is not always possible to sight a tiger or elephant however a person can come back enriched with knowledge about the beasts.

Take home some handcrafted goodness

Karnataka proliferates in art and by taking a look at the magic that has been created on metal, wood, terracotta, cloth or stone, one can easily believe in that. Tourists should visit the quaint market place to indulge in the real beauty of the craft. Handcrafted goods can leave the visitor in awe as the artists are perfect in crafting them. The simple design or the magnificence of the goods can allure the visitors however with so much on display, you are sure going to be spoilt for choices. Buy something for your loved one as there can be no gift more precious than a piece of art which has been made with love.

A paradise for honeymooners- Coorg

Tagged as the Kashmir of South, Coorg is one of the most visited hill station of Karnataka. It allures honeymooners with its pleasant weather and picturesque beauty. Set amidst clear sky and cool water, people visit this place to get some relief from the heat of the scorching sun. Coorg also offers an opportunity to adventure enthusiasts to trek up the hilly terrines. If you and your partner love to spend some quiet moments with each other, the natural setting of Coorg offers just the same. Apart from places of natural interest, people can also come across the amazing history of the state.

Watch a romantic sunset from Ganeshgudi Hill

Imagine yourself with your loved one on the top of a hill which overlooks the joining of 4 rivers and on the opposite side, sun setting down slowly while offering a majestic view with its reflection making the river glow in the golden light. Won’t it be a perfect setting to end the day? Well you can experience the same view at Ganeshgudi Hill. Bird lovers can also sight different species of birds as the region keeps brimming with them. So remember to include this beautiful location in your itinerary in order to spend some fascinating moments with your partner.

Awaken your senses at Gokarna

Enjoy your holidays on an incredible manner by indulging in a relaxing massage at Gokarna. Allow yourself some luxurious pleasure and give in to the art of medicine. Stressed and jarred nerves can too go on a vacation. Tourists can choose from a range of different ancient art which includes Unani, Ayurveda, Yoga, Holistic healing or Naturopathy. All this and much more can be enjoyed by tourists opting to plan their vacations in the serene setting of this beautiful destination. Karnataka offer a little slice of heaven to its visitors so that they can enjoy their holidays to the maximum while forgetting about all their worries.

Life in Karnataka can really be lived in the royal style. Vacationers can make the most of their vacations by indulging in different activities with their family members or friends. They can even travel to different beaches which are present in the region and can witness spectacular views. A scenic destination, Karnataka is full of nature aspiring beauty which attracts visitors from all over the world. A well planned trip to this place can help the vacationers to view the city from a different angle. So if you too are planning to mark a visit to Karnataka, do not forget to soak in the relaxing beauty of the region so that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after the vacations.