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Top 10 things to do in Goa : A natural wonder, Goa is a destination that allures its visitors to visit it again and again. It has become a tradition amongst the tourists to visit this enchanting city again after making the first visit. This land was previously ruled by Portuguese and still has their marks on it. So if you are an avid traveller, enjoy your trip to the maximum by adding the below written things in your itinerary. While collecting some eclectic experience, do not forget to click some fascinating pictures to make your holidays truly memorable.

1-Experience peaceful delight at the beaches

Experience peaceful delight at the beaches

Peaceful delight at the beaches in goa

A journey to Goa is incomplete without making a trip to the famous Goan beaches. While south Goa beaches are known for their beauty and calmness, North Goa beaches are more popular for their scenic view and steal the limelight. Utorda beach and Arossim beach are two of the most visited south Goa beaches while Arjuna beach and Baga beach are the ones in the northern side. So now imagine yourself strolling on the vast stretch of golden sand surrounded by calm and clear water. Won’t it be a delightful experience?

2-Indulge in different water sports

Indulge in different water sports

Indulge in different water sports

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Domestic as well as international tourists can indulge in different water sports to feel the real thrill of Goa. Beaches offer the opportunity to tourists to indulge in different water activities. Banana boating is one of the most popular sport of the region and can also be enjoyed by small kids. Scuba diving and wind surfing can be enjoyed by tourists to feel the adrenaline rush in their body. Other adventure activities include water skiing, dolphin cruises, parasailing and jet skiing. So while at Goa, scream your lungs out and enjoy a thrilling excursion.

3-Explore the amazing natural life

Explore the amazing natural life

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If you love walking into the wildness of nature, explore the amazing wildlife of the region. Bondla wildlife sanctuary can help the visitors to sight some of the endangered species of animals. Tourists can also come across the mesmerizing beauty of the region by visiting the vast expanses of plantation. While the sahakari spice plantation is least visited area of the region, those who visit it can be left fascinated. The natural beauty of waterfalls can also be enjoyed amidst the natural beauty of Goa. Dudhsagar waterfall stays true to its name and offers a splendid view to its visitors.

4-Visit historical landmarks and beautiful churches

Visit historical landmarks and beautiful churches

Beautiful churches in Goa

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Those of you looking forward to seek lord’s blessing while on your holidays should visit the famous and marvellously designed churches. Constructed during the colonial era, different churches can leave some everlasting memories in the mind of the visitors. Basilica of Born Jesus offers a retreat to the eyes of the visitors. The capital city of Goa, Panjim was previously known as the ‘Rome of the east” and houses different church. Adorned by art galleries, museums, convents, bungalows and government buildings, Panjim is one of the most visited cities of the region. Panjim has also been declared as a world site heritage by UNESCO and hence has gained more popularity.

5-Go shopping for some amazing stuff

Go shopping for some amazing stuff

Some amazing stuff

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Goa has something more interesting than its nightlife and that is shopping in the local market place. Shoppers looking for cheap and amazing clothing can take up the chance to indulge in some shopping. From ethnic wear to designer jewellery and from souvenirs to street smart shopping, Goa has something for everybody. Anjuna flea market is a famous market amongst shoppers who are looking forward to secure different items at reasonable rates. So if you plan to shop around in Goa and collect some amazing treasures, remember to bargain well before making the purchase.

6-Take the road less travelled

Take the road less travelled

Take the road less travelled on Goa

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If you love to indulge in adventures, take the road less travelled and enjoy bike riding away from the serene ambiance of the beaches. Travelling across the city can be a difficult thing to do on foot therefore it is a good decision to hire a bike and enjoy biking. The city of Goa is adorned by intriguing pathways and intricate little roads therefore a ride on the bike can be a thrilling experience. Rows of village cottage and paddy fields can be viewed while exploring the region. While biking, stop by something that catches your attention and click some amazing pictures.

7-Enjoy a casino visit

Enjoy a casino visit

Enjoy a casino visit in Goa

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Goa is a popular casino hub as gambling is legal in the city. Large numbers of casinos are spread across the city and people can be seen indulging in the game. Apart from major hotels, casinos can sometimes also be found on boats. A casino cruise may excite you and make your journey more thrilling. So indulge in a game or two of casino and try your luck at gambling. Without visiting a casino, a trip to Goa is incomplete. Therefore make sure to keep it on your must visit list.

8-Party the night away

Party the night away in Goa

Party the night away

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Party animals who wish to indulge in some fun can party all night at Goa. The real fun in the city starts after the darkness sets in. Local residents as well as tourists can sway over the beats of drums and loud music to make sure that the night becomes a memorable one. Hop from one shack to another and revel in the luxuries. Hilltop at Anjuna is one of the most famous destination to party however new places are also being added to the list of merry-making every year. So take a trip to Goa and enjoy drinking with your friends all night.

9-Goa food says it all

Goa food says it all In Goa

Goa food says it all

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No one can really complaint about the Goa cuisine. The quality of sea food available in the city can leave a person asking for more. Sea food is a speciality of region. Prawn, garlic chicken, roasted and grilled food should be tried while in the city. Couples can also opt for candle lit dinner to enjoy the romantic ambiance of the city. With a wide range of delicacies on offer, people can choose the food according to their preferences. Dinner can also be enjoyed on beaches amidst the softly blowing wind and swaying coconut trees.

10-Celebrate the festivals

Celebrate the festivals in Goa

Celebrate the festivals

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Goa is also famous for its festive celebrations. Christmas is one of the most popular festivals of the region and is celebrated with huge pomp and show. The festive atmosphere of the region make the city looks more alluring and attractive. Every street of the region keeps beaming with the celebrations lifting the mood of the residents. So before you plan a trip to Goa remember to check with the local authorities and plan your itinerary to become a part of the festive celebrations.

As the saying goes, it’s all about the journey and not about the destination. Therefore enjoy your journey to the maximum. Goa has a lot to offer to its visitors therefore once in the city you would want to extend the trip to become a part of merry-making. The beauty of Goa beckons its visitors to view the natural wonders, impressive coastline and cultural heritage. The city is also flooded by numerous eye catching sites. So whether you love to explore the nature or are a history lover, Goa is a perfect blend of everything. The city is blessed by amazing natural beauty and offers an environment filled with fun and excitement.