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Top 10 things to do in Andaman myhappyjourney  – In the Indian tourism industry, Andaman Island is truly the most precious jewel. For many years, the island remained unexplored because of its inaccessibility, however it is now easily accessible. Beauty of the region cannot be described in simple words; it has to be visited to be believed. The picturesque extravaganza and the landscape full of scenic beauty can mesmerized the visitors. During the British raj, prisoners and dreaded criminals were sent to the cellular jail present in Andaman. These islands were also famous with the name of kala pani or black water prison. On these islands, tourist can spend some peaceful moments with their loved ones as it is also regarded as one of the best honeymoon destinations in India.

Visit the famous cellular jail

Used as a prison during the British rule, cellular jail is one of the biggest jails that are present in Asia. Cellular jail national memorial is worth marking a visit to as it help the tourists to understand the significance of Andaman in the country’s history. This jail was constructed over a time period of 10 years i.e. from 1896 to 1906. Maximum part of the original structure was destroyed during the Second World War however the main central tower still stands strong. Tourists can also enjoy the sound and light show which is held at regular intervals in the prison.

Enjoy in the scenic beauty of the Island

Being an island, Andaman is surrounded by water from all sides thus presenting a beautiful view. The island is known to house some of the most exquisite beaches in the country. Emerald colored water surrounding the golden sand can leave a spectator spell bound. Novice swimmers can swim at some of beaches and view the coral reefs from proximity. Ross Island is spread over 200 acres of land and was chiefly used as chief commissioner’s resident. Palm trees swaying with the softly blowing wind make for a perfect background to click some amazing and memorable pictures. Andaman Islands with all its natural beauty are regarded as paradise for nature lovers.

Indulge in different water activities

There can be no better aqua sport than scuba diving. Whether you are an expert in diving or have just begin to learn the sport, every time there is something challenging, new or fascinated about venturing in the world which is present underwater. Your curiosity can be raised by remains of mysterious sunken ships, you can be mesmerized by a school of fishes or your creativity can be awakened by underwater photography. Diving in Andaman is once in a lifetime experience. Snorkeling is another popular water sport which does not require a person to dive deep in the sea. It is a on the surface water activity.

Increase your knowledge by visiting the science centre

Science center at port Blair is a place where the tourists can come to know about the origin of the islands. The formation of Andaman and Nicobar Island is depicted with the help of interactive exhibitions in the gallery of the centre. The science centre explains in detail about the science of the oceans while giving an opportunity to the tourists to create waves and explore its features. At the center, vacationers can increase their knowledge about the rock samples which are freely available on the island. A quiz corner is also present in the center which allows 12 people at a time to participate in the contest.

Familiarize yourself with the history of the island

Andaman Island also boasts of its museum which can be visited to get closer to the history of the place. Samudrika marine museum gives an insight of the marine life while the Anthropological museum can be visited by all those people who are really interested in knowing the history of a place. While the former gives a detail description about the island life, latter displays traditional boats and models that tell about the life of people who lived at the island. Samudrika marine museum houses skeleton of blue whale along with coral and fishes. Kids as well as adults can gain a lot from their visit.

Experience the best of marine life

Marine park and aquarium present at port Blair is a must visit attraction for all those who are fascinated by the underwater world. This aquarium holds an amazing collection of the marine life of the region. Stone fishes and clown fish can be sighted easily by the visitors. The marine park is an informative source for small children who have interest in the sea flora and fauna. So if you are attracted toward the marine life, make sure to visit this aquarium to gain knowledge about the sea world and the marine animals such as corals, snakes and fishes.

Go for beach and forest camping

Forest as well as beach camping can be an amazing experience with one’s family or friends. Adventure seekers can pack their bags and head straight toward Andaman to revel in camping on the islands. Camping can be enjoyed on some of the most beautiful beaches or even in the forests of Andaman. Tourists who do not possess tents can rent them out from the directorate of tourism and enjoy camping at Radhanagar beach. However if you plan to indulge in camping on the island remember to get your bookings done at the earliest to avoid last minute disappointment.

Haven for bird watchers: The Parrot Island

If you are someone who is fascinated by different species of birds then Andaman surely holds something that can interest you. Birding expeditions on this beautiful island can be an amazing experience. This part of the country holds rich avifauna with over 230 types of bird species. During the migration period, the island gets filled with migratory birds and looks more fascinating. The parrot island is famous for housing different species of parrots which are not easily sighted in other part of the country. An evening walk can help the tourist to sight different birds while they can also indulge in clicking photographs.

Try your hand at trekking

Andaman gives ample opportunities to its visitors who wish to enjoy their vacations to the fullest. Trekking can be undertaken at the evergreen forests that stretch from Mount Harriet to Madhuban to scale the mighty peak. Amateur trekkers as well as experienced ones can scale the heights to feel the adrenaline rush in their body. So if you have that spark in you to enjoy trekking with your friends or family, plan a trip to Andaman and experience life that delve in the deep and dark forests. Trekking can make the vacation more thrilling and exciting.

Do not forget to shop

When you are visiting a new location how can shopping be left behind? At Andaman, tourists can shop for different things that can be kept as a memory from the trip. Aberdeen bazaar and Bathubasti are some of the most popular destination to buy local made goods. Tourists can purchase jewelry made out of sea shells, jute based household items or can even buy handicraft goods. Different items can be secured at affordable prices which make it easier for the travelers to buy gifts for their near and dear ones.

While in Andaman, you can also enjoy mangrove creek safari. Amidst the lush green mangroves some romantic moments can be spend with your loved one. The mangrove beach walk which has been introduced recently is an added attraction of the place. Nature lovers can spend their vacations in a perfect manner at the island. So visit the island and get lost in the beauty of mesmerizing greenery, clear sky and deep blue sea.