Sunburn Festival Goa 2014

Sunburn Festival Goa 2014-The vibrant city of Goa hosts a large number of festivals with as much dance, music, decoration, fairs and feast as possible. Whether it is Christian, Hindu or Portuguese festivals, the multi-cultured land of Goa celebrates each festival to commemorate the ceremonies with lively spirit. The festive season is one of the best times to see all new side of the city. The lighthearted people of the region welcome tourists from all around the world to show its glamour and glittering Sunburn Festival Goa 2014 celebrations. With the energetic streets filled with cheerful fests, one cannot resist dancing to the festive beats of vivacious Goa.

Among the various festivals celebrated in the city of Goa, Sunburn Festival Goa is one of the most admired and popular, not only among the Indian audiences, but those coming from foreign countries as well. The three day long festival is one of the main attractions of the city and draws attention of a large number of people from different parts of the world. Organized by Shailendra Singh of Percept, the festival is hosted by Nikhil Chinapa, a well-renowned presenter, Video Jockey and Radio Jockey on MTV India. The celebration combines music, dance, shopping, entertainment, food and includes various stages where talented artists perform. A wide array of events is hosted at the festival, each offering a different experience to relish and enjoy. The Sunburn Festival Goa is hugely popular among the youth and its charisma has brought worldwide exposure to it.

History of Sunburn Festival Goa

The year 2007 marks the first celebration of Sunburn Festival Goa. Partnered with Nikhil Chinapa, Percept organized the opening International Dance Music festival at Candolim Beach, Goa. Smirnoff was the sponsor of the occasion. The event comprised of a total of 10 stalls in addition to a flea market. 36 national and international performers in total gave electrifying performances, leaving the audiences spellbound. Nearly 10,000 people attended this very first festival.

Since 2007, the festival is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and joy. Despite terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008, which took place exactly a month before the festival, Sunburn Festival Goa was celebrated with the same spirit and enthusiasm. The lively festival had a huge turnout of more than 22,000 fans. “After Dark” parties were also introduced in this year, which were organized in club Butter that continued from 10:30 pm till 5 in the morning, making Sunburn Festival Goa a 24 hour event. Attractions like Thai foot masseurs and rock climbing wall were also launched in this year.

In the year 2010, a fashion show was organized in club Butter as a part of Sunburn Festival Goa. After the passes went live, they were all sold in 22 minutes. This makes it evident that the craze people have for this festival is incredible. The Sunburn Festival Goa was once again celebrated at Candolim Beach in Goa in 2011. The main attraction of the event was Above and Beyond, Infected Mushroom, Spertaque, Axwell.

It was in 2012 that the Sunburn festival was celebrated in Noida at Unitech Golf and Country Club along with the festivity in Goa. The seventh edition of Sunburn Festival Goa held in 2013 witnessed a myriad of artists and amazing music. A large number of spectators arrived at the venue to enjoy remarkable performances.

The festival has been set as a benchmark and it is needless to say that within a short period of a few years, the event has become a bit hit among the people.

Things to expect at Sunburn Festival Goa

Sunburn Festival Goa is a time to relish melodious music, electrifying performances, exciting events and to get into long lasting fun. Apart from some amazing performances, there are a lot other things that can be expected during this stimulating occasion. Some of them include the following.

The Artists

The success of any Dance Music Festival depends majorly on the artists. They should be talented enough to entertain the audience and retain their attention. As far as Sunburn Festival Goa is concerned, the event hosts some of the most brilliant national and international artists who leave the audience spellbound. The mesmerizing performances delivered by the artists amuse the people, forcing them to dance to their rhythm. Whether it is music or dance, every artist holds the capability to give magnificent live performances at the venue. The diverse music varying from Indian DJ and other rock performances make Goa a blessed paradise. When you are here, you would certainly not be disappointed by the artists. In fact, you can witness some amazing and varied performances not only from Indian talent, but from those coming from across the seas as well.

Huge stages

Partnered with some of the best Indian artists and those across the world, Sunburn Festival Goa creates huge stages, allowing the audience to witness some miraculous performances on mind-blowing sets. Axwell, Markus Schulz and Afrojack are some of the talented artists who design spectacular stages for the grand and stimulating event of Sunburn Festival Goa.

Delicious cuisines and beverages

Whether it is a religious occasion or a talent festival, any celebration in India would be incomplete without food and drinks. It would not be wrong to say that most of the people in India are foodies and do not need a reason to eat or drink. Of course then what can be better than enjoying mouth-watering snacks and beverages with some good music. The festival not only includes performances, but has various food stalls where one can enjoy some appetizing delicacies with tons of drinks.

The cruise

For those who get tired of walking around the venue and the madness of the mob, Sunburn Cruise is a viable option. Taking a cruise on the Arabian Sea, amidst pristine water, watching the sunset is an amazing feeling worth relishing. Besides, the cruise offers splendid view of the city. A few drinks accompanied by some songs and dance performances ensure absolute entertainment. Taking a Sunburn cruise is certainly one of the best ways to experience the serene ambience, picturesque scenery and natural panorama of the place. You surely cannot miss out this opportunity when you are in Goa for Sunburn Festival.


It cannot be denied that the hotel prices are sky high during the festive season in Goa. Affording the costs of accommodation can be a bit challenging if you are out on a budget trip. But, you need not worry as long as the team of Sunburn Festival is there with you. The Sunburn guys take away the hassle of looking for an affordable accommodation during the time of Sunburn Festival. You can camp with your friends on-site. This is really an exciting opportunity, especially for adventure buffs. Staying on the site of where Sunburn Festival is being held is a unique experience in itself.

The market

It would take a long search to find someone who does not like shopping and exploring the market undoubtedly makes sense when you are out in a new place. Sunburn Festival Goa offers a great opportunity of shopping in the flea markets that are filled with colorful clothes, awesome accessories and souvenirs. People get to see different variety of stuff. The festivity also includes kite festival and Ferris wheel for the entertainment of the public. Those who are not scared of height can savor Ferris wheel ride.

The after parties

Those who love to party hard are sure to take pleasure in the after parties of Sunburn Festival Goa. The event organizes various after parties that allow every party lover to keep awake and party all night. A suitable venue is selected for the after parties to make sure that tourists and local people do not have to deal with any kind of problems.

Sunburn Festival Goa, with its three day long merrymaking elements which are a superb blend of entertainment, music, shopping and food, expects huge presence of audience. For these three days, the beautifully festooned and designed stages at the Candolim Beach present an array of national and international performers causing you to surrender yourself to melodious music.

With no limit to fun, the grandeur of this enthralling event appears to be larger than life due to the nearby restaurants and resorts. They are spectacularly decorated during festive season, offering sufficient flow of dance, music, food and beverages. Apart from this, locally prepared Fenny in addition to various other Goan beverages brings excitement of expecting what would be coming next.

So, plan your trip in advance as it is one of the perfect times to bask in the grandeur of Sunburn Festival Goa. Witnessing the amazing performances and dancing to the beats of rock music all night long can be a part of your precious memories if you decide to head to Sunburn Festival Goa.

The festival is not only anticipated by Goans, but also welcomes tourists coming from different parts of the world to savor this annual celebration. The festivity oscillating between Christmas celebration and New Year Eve provides an electronic experience.

When to celebrate Sunburn Festival Goa in 2014

The eighth edition of Sunburn Festival Goa will be celebrated from 27 December to 29 December 2014 at Vagator Beach, Goa.