Season you can enjoy on in August?

Season you can enjoy on in August?

India is a land of festivals. Various festivals are celebrated with huge pomp and show and people in large numbers take part in these festive celebrations. Visitors planning a trip to India in the month of August can come across various festive celebrations that can help them to know more about the rich culture of the country. Some of the most famous events which are celebrated in August are described below. So read on and get little closer to the real India and also get an insight of the traditional festivals of the country.

Nag Panchami

The festival of snakes or Nag Panchami holds special relevance amongst the people belonging to Hindu religion. During the festive celebrations, snakes, which have been specially gathered for this occasion, are worshiped by people. Villagers carry pots with snakes in them on their heads and dance their way to the temple. After the completion of the rituals and removing the snakes from the pot, their raised heads are sprinkled with turmeric and flowers and they are offered plenty of milk.

Nag Panchami is celebrated with grandeur mostly in the rural areas of the country. Some of the popular places celebrating this festival are Adiesha Temple, Hardevja Temple, Nagathamman Temple and Nagaraj Temple. It is often celebrated in the first week of August. An amazing fact about this festival is that although these snakes are poisonous, they do not bite anybody. Snakes which take part in the celebrations are pampered and are given rats and fresh milk to feed on.

Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

During the monsoon months, the majestic Indian state of Kerala becomes even more alluring with the presence of colourful snake boat. This is the time of the year when the famous snake boat race is held in the state every year.  As the name suggests, Snake boats do not have to do anything with the snakes. These boats are named so because of their shape. It is basically a long canoe style boat, which was previously used by the people living in the Kuttanadu region.

Every year people living in different regions get together and organise this colourful boat race. Snake boat race is one of the most awaited festivals of the region and tourists can also become a part of the competition. It is generally celebrated in the first month of August andKerala is the only Indian state where this amazing boat race is held annually. Tourists can watch this race at Punnamda Lake in Alleppey and feel the adrenaline rush in their body.

Rakhi/Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful festival which symbolizes love and affection between brother and sister. It is basically celebrated on full moon day in the month of august according to Hindu calendar. This festival also has social significance that everyone in this world should live with harmony and peace and should have cordial relations with each other.

On this day girls buy Rakhis, gifts and decorate Pooja Thalis with sweets and make this day special. A scared thread is tied on the wrist of brothers by their sisters. This ceremony symbolizes a brother’s commitment to protect his sister and display his love and care towards her.

It is a custom celebrated from ancient times and even holds immense significance till today. Raksha Bandhan is considered to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters. The Rakhis which are ideally used are either made up of silk, gold or silver which are beautifully crafted with studs, semi precious stones or sequins. It is an occasion of sweet remembrance for future years.

Jhapan Mela

This is another snake festival which is celebrated by the local people of Vishnupur region in West Bengal. This festival is devoted to Deity Manasa which is the daughter of Lord Shiva and it is also believed that the festival was first organised in 17th century in order to celebrate the coming back of King Bir Hambir Malla after winning a battle.

People worship Goddess Mansa so that she blesses them with good rainfall along with enhancement of fertility of land. This festival is celebrated in order to welcome the coming harvest season.

Tourists can enjoy the charm of various spectacular and stunning performances of snake charmers during this festival. These snake charmers display different tricks with live snakes on decorated platforms. You can see different species of snakes in this Mela like Cobras, Pythons, Vipers, rat snakes, flying snakes and moreover Kraits which are extremely poisonous in nature. During this Mela you can also buy terracotta items and Baluchari sarees which are a popularity of this town.

Govinda/ Krishna Janmashtami

It is the most famous festival celebrated by people belonging to Hindu religion. The festival is special because it celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, also known as Govinda who was considered as a hero, protector, philosopher, teacher as well as a friend. One of the best places to experience this festival is Krishna’s birth place is Vrindavan, where the occasion is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

This event lasts for two days and is accompanied by many religious plays which recreate the incidents of Krishna’s life. The main attraction of this festival is the Dahi Handi, which is actually an earthen pot which has money inside it and it is strung up high between the buildings. The young Govindas, a term used for young children, have to break this Handi so they form a human pyramid and break it in order to open it. The celebration symbolises Lord Krishna’s love for butter and curd.

People spend whole day in temples offering payers and reciting his deeds. Beautiful cradles are made on this day and placed in the temples which are decorated wonderfully. Many people decorate their homes and take extra care of Radha Krishna deities and adorn them with new outfits on this day.

Gogamedi Fair

Gogamedi Fair is held in Rajasthan which attracts thousands of people from across the world. It is an annual fair which is held to promote their tradition and culture by selling various handicrafts and livestock.

On this day, many devotees offer special food items made with sugar, honey and coconut to please their deities. This event is dedicated to Goga Veer, who was famous as snake god because it is believed that by taking his name even snake bite can be cured.

This fair is accompanied with different forms of dances and music along with different exhibitions held in this fair which display extraordinary works of craftsmanship of the local people of this region. Local people also organize different events like gala events for youngsters. Many amusement rides like Giant Wheels or Merry Go Rounds are also set up for the enjoyment of kids.

This fair’s biggest attraction is the trade of various cattles, horses, buffaloes and other animals. You can buy different souvenirs which include amazing handicrafts, stunning tie and dye fabrics and also enjoy delicious and traditional food during the fair.

Athachamayam Tripunithura

Athachamayam Tripunithura is celebrated in Ernakulam district, which marks the beginning of the tenth day of Onam Festival in Kerala. On this occasion you can see various folk art forms of Kerala. This festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and eagerness which will give you joyful experience during your journey.

On this day, a procession is carried out in a spectacular manner which increases the charm of this event. You can witness traditional art forms which are accompanied by floats, music and elephants. There is a variety of art forms like Theyyam, KolKali, Kummi, Poykal and many more which are displayed during the procession.

Many competitions and entertainment programs are organized which enhance the glory of the festival. This festival will give an unforgettable experience which is sure to linger for a long time in your memory.

Ganesh Chaturthi

On this occasion the birth anniversary of lord Ganesha is celebrated, mostly in the state of Maharashtra. This festival lasts for 10 days at a stretch which begins with the installation of statues of Ganesha in homes. These idols are beautifully crafted by the local craftsmen and are available in different sizes, ranging from small, big to medium, which are immersed in water on the last day of the festival. Huge celebrations take place during this festival and are accompanied with dancing and singing which enhance the glory of the festival. Lord Ganesha is worshipped and is offered various flowers, sweets, rice and coconut during this festival.

August is considered as the best month of summer season for fun vacations and outings with friends. Moreover, you can see the Monsoon Festival celebrated in Delhi which aims at enjoying the magic of monsoons with old as well as new cultural practices. There are different festivals celebrated in the month of August. During this season you can enjoy varieties of traditional food or drinks and can have benefits from many discounts offered by the stores during august. This month also boasts of spectacular views along with diverse flowers and plants which bloom in this season. You can enjoy these festivals along with many different performances of famous rock stars and celebrities which will make your trip unforgettable.