Monsoon Packing and Traveling Tips

Monsoon Packing and Traveling Tips >> No season can be regarded as a perfect season for travelling but a holiday trip plan can be planned in any month of the year, if the trip is to be enjoyed with friends or family members. Travelling to a new destination can be chosen for a number of reasons. Some people choose a specific location because of its weather while others choose it for the adventure activities offered by it. Monsoon season can make it difficult for the travelers to enjoy their journey however if you are planning to experience the real thrill of a holiday trip with your friends in the monsoon showers, here is a monsoon packing list that would help you to travel right and enjoy the trip to the maximum.


While travelling to a new destination, whether it is by train or by air, it is important to keep all the documents safe with you. Some of the most important documents include tickets, passport, hotel booking details and ID proof. All such details should be kept in a separate bag which is easy to carry.

While travelling, it is also important to carry the contact number of the booked hotel along. It may be required in case of any type of emergency. Tourists should also get a detail of their itinerary, so that they can easily plan their trip and it remains a memorable one. The bag in which all the documents are to be carried should be waterproof to protect it from sudden monsoon showers.


While planning a trip to an unknown destination, it is a wise decision to carry a small first aid kit to deal with emergencies. As cold and fever is common in monsoon season, travelling without medicines can increase the chances of getting seriously ill.

In case you are suffering from some kind of allergies, it becomes essential for your health as well as for the health of the co-travelers to carry all the required tablets. Monsoon showers can further aggravate the allergies. So, if you are suffering from any kind of disease and planning to travel during monsoons, remember to take your medications along.

Umbrella/ Rain gears

Generally, umbrella would help you to walk around the city even during heavy showers. Umbrella can be conveniently folded and kept in the luggage. During the monsoon, raingear are very important to keep you dry from the unpredictable showers. If you choose to carry umbrella as well as the rain coat, it would be beneficial as one person can use the rain coat while the other can keep himself dry with the help of an umbrella.

Rain gears can also help the tourists to enjoy their trip in a better manner without worrying about the rainfall. So if you are a nature enthusiast and love to spend some quality time with your loved ones, try going to a hill station during the monsoons. The natural beauty of the region would leave you enthralled.


Waterproof shoes can help the travelers to keep their feet dry and clean. Gum boots are also preferred by a large number of travelers travelling during the monsoon. However sandals or rubber slippers should be avoided as they can make the feet dirty.

Travelers should also avoid canvas shoes during the rainy season as they take up a lot of time to dry after getting wet. It is also a wise decision to carry an extra pair of shoes as there are high chances that your footwear might get wet while travelling.


While travelling during the monsoon season light cotton clothes should be preferred as they dry quickly and are comfortable to wear. Children should be dressed up in three quarter pants or shorts as the can easily play in them. Full length clothes as well as light colored clothes should be avoided.

If you plan to stroll in the rain, it would be a wise decision to carry a jacket along. A windcheater can also help to keep you warm during the showers. So if you are planning a trip up the hills during monsoons, a jacket with warm lining would be the safest bet to keep you warm.

Mosquito repellant

Monsoons bring along plenty of mosquitoes. As the saying goes that prevention is better than cure, it is better to prevent you from getting bitten rather than later on taking medicines. Mosquito attack can be prevented by using mosquito repellant. Mosquito borne diseases which includes dengue fever and malaria are very dangerous and can also be life threatening. Therefore keep your children indoors for maximum part of the day. In addition, mosquito net can also be used while sleeping to prevent the attack.

Location maps

Travelers should always carry a printed map giving details about the locations to which they are travelling. With the advancement in technology, now-a-days people generally rely on GPS. However on several occasions due to regular rainfall, no network might be available. In such conditions, a printed map can come to the rescue of the travelers and help them to find their way easily.

Plastic bags

A plastic bag can help you to keep your things dry and safe. Mobile phone, passport as well as the wallet should be kept in a plastic bag. If you are carrying an electronic good along, it is important to protect it from sudden showers to keep it working in its best condition. Plastic bags can also be used to keep the wet things separately from the dry ones. So remember to carry along plastic bags to keep all your documents safe in the rain.


Playing indoor games with a group of friends can really be an exciting thing to do. People often prefer to play games on their mobile phones but playing cards or any other indoor game while on a holiday can leave some wonderful memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Multi-player games can involve everybody, making it easier for the travelers to enjoy themselves. So while packing for a trip, remember to keep the playing cards or other such games along as well.

Learn the local language

If you are planning a holiday trip abroad, then it is always a wise decision to get familiar with the language of the local residents. It is not necessary to know each and every word; however learn the basics of a language so that you can easily interact with the local people. Learning the basics can also help the travelers to ask the locals about directions or to understand them so that one does not get cheated. In addition, by learning a new language, a person can also increase his vocabulary which would help him in the long run.


One of the most common questions asked by the travelers is if they are required to get the currency changed before they travel to a new destination abroad. This question would probably be answered with a yes. It is often seen that getting the currency changed at an airport is costlier than getting the money exchanged at a local bank. So if you are going to a place which is a remote area, remember to get the currency converted beforehand so that you do not face any difficulty while shopping or throughout your stay.

Travel essential

Even during the monsoons, sunscreen forms a part of the travel essentials. Buying sunscreen can really be an expensive task when you travel to another country; therefore it is a wise decision to carry one along. Underwater activities can leave you with serious sun burns; therefore it is suggested to use a waterproof sunscreen while stepping out even during monsoons.

Use travel coupons

Monsoons is generally regarded as off season and this is the time when a large number of travel companies offer travel coupons. Travelers can use these coupons to travel in a budget friendly manner and get the best travelling deals. Monsoons can give new dimensions to a city, so if you love to get wet in the rains, monsoons is the best time to plan a trip.


Books are often known as people’s best friend. Some people love to read while travelling while others love to read them during the night time. Whatever the case may be, carrying books along can help the travelers to spend their leisure time easily when it’s raining outside. Books are good companions and can make the holidays more interesting. Novels or romantic stories can be chosen according to a person’s choice. Such books can be easily secured at reasonable rates from the street side vendors.

Travelling can be exciting and fun, especially if when accompanied by friends, who can make the journey truly enjoyable. In addition, do not forget to pack your camera to click some beautiful pictures that can be kept as memory of the trip. Travelling during monsoons can be a thrilling thing to do if you are a smart traveler. So if you have recently got married or are planning a family trip, remember to plan your trip during the monsoons to make the most of the pleasant weather and picturesque surroundings.