Meghalaya Monsoon India

Meghalaya Monsoon India

Monsoon is the best season to explore India because in this season the entire country is turned into lush landscapes which are full of pleasant views. After long and dusty summers, monsoon is the best season to go on a holiday. You can depart to Meghalaya which is famous for receiving highest rainfall compared to any part of the world. It is considered to be one of the best monsoon destinations in India where rains enhance the glory of the state. It can be the best place for both adventure seekers and nature lovers, as the atmosphere of the whole state is enriched with magnificent and splendid nature when accompanied with monsoons. The monsoon season truly depicts the meaning of Meghalaya that is “adobe of clouds”.  Moreover, the continuous rainfall has lead to many natural formations, such as caves, waterfalls and mineral deposits. During monsoon season the air is accompanied by mist, along with gushing waterfalls can make your trip unforgettable.

Start your trip from Shillong:

To experience the magic of monsoons you can start your journey by visiting city capital that is Shillong. There are various places which can make your trip more exciting and interesting. You can start your journey from Shillong Peak from where you can witness the beautiful sights and lush green landscapes which increase the glory of Shillong. Being the highest point in the state, in Meghalaya you can also enjoy trekking on this peak and you can also take beautiful pictures from this peak.

Shillong is situated in the heart of Khasi Hills which have clean and green environment along with cool and refreshing air throughout the city. Then you can visit Barapani Lake, situated in Shillong which gives you beautiful views. You can enjoy the ride on Canoes and boats sailing through the still water of lake. Nehru Park is adjacent to lake where you can see different species of flora and fauna. The lake is surrounded by pine trees which are sway to the cool breeze that refreshes your body, mind and soul.

Meghalaya is famous for its amazing waterfalls which spray delicate mist of water in the surroundings. You can enjoy various waterfalls in Shillong like Bishop Falls, Elephant Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Beaden Falls and Sweet Falls which are most popular in Shillong. Every waterfall gives you beautiful views and looks fascinating during monsoon. Due to heavy rainfall in this state, the rains have sculptured many natural rock formations which attract tourists from different parts of world. These waterfalls are clustered on either side by lust green mountain hills which will lead to delightful experience and make your journey memorable.

Explore Mawlynnong:

While chasing monsoon in Meghalaya, you can consider visiting the cleanest village in India, named as Mawlynnong which is situated 90 km from Shillong. It is considered as an eco destination because it has beautiful green landscapes and their main occupation is agriculture. You can find many interesting places in living root bridges which is the most famous and attractive place in Mawlynnong. These bridges have tangles of many roots which are intermingled with each other and can hold many people at the same time. These bridges are formed by the roots of the Ficus Elastica tree which produces series of secondary roots and Khasi people are trained to grow these bridges raised across the banks of river to form a solid bridge. Mawlynnong is a little colorful village which believes in keeping the environment green and clean and ensures that the forests remain intact and replenished throughout the year.

Mawlynnong sacred forest is one of the most remarkable features of Khasi Hills which preserves traditional religious sanction from past years. The forest can be ideal destination for nature lovers which allows you to view different varieties of plants, flowers, butterflies and orchids.  The heavily covered grounds are engulfed by thick humus which contains myriad varieties of plant life and these are not seen in any other part of India.

You can also visit Nongkhnum Island which is the biggest river in Meghalaya and second biggest in Asia. The river flows from two gorgeous waterfalls, named as Riatsokhe Fall and Weinia Fall. The area is surrounded by big trees and vast areas of grasslands. There are various places to visit like there are a number of fishing pools which are near sandy shore also known as Wei-Phantiang.  It is recommended to visit this place in monsoons because you can enjoy the climate along with greenery all over the city.

Discover Cherrapunji in Monsoon:

Cherrapunji is the wettest place and receives maximum rainfall which is highest than any other part of India.  You can enjoy your trip by partaking in various nature treks among which trek to living bridges is the most adventurous and interesting trek which you cannot experience in any other part of the world. Monsoon season is considered as the best season because you can enjoy bathing in mountain streams, cool springs and even in waterfalls. Double Decker Root Bridge is the most scenic trek because it gives spectacular and unique views of the bridge. An interesting fact about Cherrapunji is that it rains mostly at night so you can enjoy your activities in day time. There are various tourist places in Cherrapunji, like one of the most famous cascading waterfalls is Mawsmai Falls which is considered to be the fourth highest waterfall in India.

Cherrapunji is popular for oranges. Besides this the staple food in this region is rice along with fish and meat. Rice beer is also used on every traditional, ceremonial or religious occasion. Other fruits which are only found in Meghalaya are Sayang and Saflang. These are packed in banana leaves and are sold in the local markets of Cherrapunji. You can buy different souvenirs like orange flavored honey or art crafts made up of bamboo, cane or wood which will serve as a cherished remembrance of your journey.

It is also known as Sohra which have cascading waterfalls along with flowing rivers and different mountain streams make the place more beautiful. It is considered as the most beautiful place during summers because it consists of breathtaking landscapes which are covered with green vegetation during this season. Ka Khoh Ramhah is another fascinating place in Cherrapunji during monsoon as the water flows between the two rocks and gushing waterfalls make it very beautiful to visit. It attracts many tourists during monsoon because it becomes the most attractive place for picnics.

Celebration of Behdienkhlam during Monsoon season:

The unique culture and varying dressing style is influenced in a way by exceptional climatic conditions. By spending some time in Meghalaya you can enjoy various traditions and their authentic culture along with different cloud formations, sunsets or rains.

Behdienkhlam is the most popular festival celebrated in the state of Meghalaya in the region known as Jaintia Hills which is considered as famous tourist attraction in Meghalaya. It is celebrated in the end of July, welcoming the monsoon with tribal dances which make your journey more colorful and give you a joyful experience. The main attraction of this festival takes place when young men fight for the possession of a huge beam.

This festival is invocation to God seeking his blessings for harvest. Mainly people from Jainta tribe take part in traditional dance as it is the most famous religious festival celebrated among Pnars. The most interesting fact about this festival is that usually rain is expected to fall on this day.

Visit to Bok Bak Dobhakol:

Meghalaya comprises of various caves such as Mawsmai cave, Mawsynram cave, Krem Dam Cave and many more but Bok Bak Dobhakol is one of most famous caves in India. It houses more than 1000 caves stretching over 1051 meters in Meghalaya. It is surrounded by the river and this is one more reason why it has become a hot spot for the visitors. Another feature which makes it unique in rainy season is that it has humongous proportions of water accumulated during rainy season.  This makes the place more beautiful and allows you to admire the beauty of exquisite caves during monsoon season.

The monsoon season continues from May to September every year, where you can witness massive rainfalls and giant clouds along with mist. Meghalaya is the rainiest place of this planet which leads to unique formations during monsoon season. The unique cultures and traditions are also influenced by the climatic conditions. After rainfall, you can perform different activities or enjoy visiting various places in Meghalaya. The sub tropical climate in Meghalaya has helped in creating one of the last wildernesses in India in this region. With such heavy rainfalls, Meghalaya enriches with a wide range of bio diversity and becomes important ecological eco sport in India.

Meghalaya, being the part of North India, is accompanied by abundance of natural attractions which include various tourist places. There are various kinds of tribes in Meghalaya like Khasis, Garoa and Pnars. Along with the beauty of the city, you can enjoy shopping in the largest traditional style markets situated in Shillong. Visiting this region during monsoon will make your trip more exciting and wonderful.