Madhya pradesh Tourist Attractions

Madhya pradesh Tourist Attractions  :: Art and Architecture of Madhya Pradesh is often referred to as “the heart of incredible India”. Visitors travelling to Madhya Pradesh can experience the rich tribal traditions and folk culture of the region and become a part of different festive celebrations to enjoy themselves. Tourists can also enrich their knowledge about the history of the state. Some of the most visited destinations in the region are:

Khajuraho Temple – Madhya pradesh Tourist Attractions

This sandstone temple dates back to the 10th century and is one of the most visited shrines of the area. Divided into three groups – eastern, southern and western, the main group of temples is the western group. The eastern group contains a large number of temples which are intricately carved while only two temples are present in the southern group. Without a doubt, this temple is a must visit attraction of the area.

Gwalior Fort

If you are fascinated by history then you must visit the Gwalior Fort. This imposing fort has a long history but it still stands strong even after facing various wars and attacks. The main highlight of the fort, Man Mandir Palace was constructed by the ruling king Man Singh during the time period between the years 1486 to 1516. The exteriors of the fort are beautifully decorated with the help of blue mosaic tiles.

The fort houses a large number of attractions which should not be missed. Tourists can come across beautifully architectured temples, palaces and historical monuments. The light and sound show held during the night time helps the tourists to gain a little more knowledge about the fort’s past.


Vacationers can come across some of the oldest relics of Buddhism at Sanchi. The great stupa, which was constructed by emperor Ashoka after he embraced Buddhism, can also be viewed by the travelers here. This is a must visit place for all those who have keen interest in history, as it houses a vast array of temples, monasteries, stupas and an archeological museum.


A holy town, Maheshwar is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known for its spiritual significance. Adorned by temples and Ghats, this region gives an imprint of the Holkar dynasty’s culture. Tourists can spend their time exploring different attractions which are offered by the city. Shoppers can also indulge in the shopping of Maheshwari saris or other handloom items as a remembrance of the trip.


Mandu is an ancient city which was once ruled by the Mughal rulers. This fascinating city gives a glimpse of the Mughal architecture as it houses spectacular structures. This location is famous for exquisite palaces and lakes. Divided into three main groups, the region offers a marvellous view to its visitors.

The magnificent state of Madhya Pradesh holds special relevance amongst religiously inclined people because of the presence of a large number of holy shrines. If you are planning for an unforgettable vacation, then travel to this beautiful destination.