Leh and Ladakh Monsoon season

Make the most of Leh and Ladakh Monsoon season

Leh and Ladakh are the two most amazing places to visit during monsoon season. Ladakh is the most beautiful place which is bounded by the world’s largest mountain ranges, namely the Himalayas and the Karakoram. It is surrounded by a famous desert known as Alpine desert whereas Leh has dry barren landscape which has many Buddhist monasteries which hold spectacular sights and picturesque views.

Ladakh is renowned for the beauty of its mountains and culture, where as Leh is the capital known for its magical landscapes which become greener due to vegetation during monsoon season. The mountains coexist with deserts, blue waters, freezing winds and a burning sun. This can be an ultimate destination for adventure seekers because it offers different sports, like para gliding, hiking and trekking from the highest peaks of the world. During monsoon, you can also enjoy white water rafting along the Indus Valley in Nubra valley. This journey gives you joyful experience as you see various astonishing and breathtaking sites like hanging glaciers, lush green villages and various monasteries. You can also make your journey unforgettable by taking rides on camels in Nubra valley.

Pay a visit to different monasteries:

There are various Buddhist Monasteries in Leh which are interesting to visit because of many different rituals performed and even many festivals are celebrated in these monasteries. Whereas the monasteries present in Ladakh are either of Mahayana or Hinayana sect of Buddhism.  Usually Gompas are built in Ladakh. Some famous monasteries of Leh are:

Lamayuru Monastery: This is considered as one of the oldest and most mysterious monasteries of Leh. There are many shrines here which are dedicated to Lord Buddha and these are made in both Indian and Tibetan style. It is favorable to come here in monsoon because a very famous festival is celebrated in this monastery known as Yungdrung Kabgyad festival which will surely make your trip more exciting.

Phyand Monastery: Another famous monastery which is located in Leh is Phyand Monastery. This monastery is very famous because it is located on hilltop where Phyand Lake and museum is also being constructed.

Some famous monasteries in Ladakh:

Hemis Gompa: Being the largest monastery in Ladakh it belongs to red sect known as Brokha. It is suggested to go in monsoon because people enjoy huge gatherings in the season of June- July where they welcome monsoon by celebrating a famous festival accompanied by different forms of dance.

Lakir Monastery: it is another important monastery which offers spectacular view during monsoon season. This monastery also belongs to Gaylukpa School and Lakhir festival is celebrated here during the monsoons.

These monasteries look more beautiful and colorful during this season; so it is recommended to plan your trip from July to September.

Enjoy the biggest festivals during monsoon:

There are various Ladakh festivals celebrated in the month of September. You can enjoy spectacular procession on streets along with delicious foods during this time. You can admire the beauty of these festivals along with traditional dresses, folk songs and music. These festivals are very colorful which feature different dances accompanied with various musical concerts. There are various Ladakh festivals celebrated during monsoon and some of them are listed below:

Hemis festival: This festival lasts for two days and is celebrated in the month of June- July. It is celebrated in the most famous monastery of Leh and Ladakh. This is a very bright and cheerful festival celebrated in this region. Masked Dance performed by Lamhas is the specialty of this festival.

Tak Tok festival: it is another major festival which is celebrated in monsoons which makes it one of the major attractions of this region. This is celebrated at cave Gompa of Leh Ladakh.

These festivals reflect the culture and traditions of Leh and Ladakh and make your trip more exciting by allowing you to participate in these festivals.

Discover Nubra Valley:

The Nubra Valley means valley of flowers and it is situated in the north of Leh. During monsoon season you can admire its beauty because during this season you can see lush green vegetation all over the valley. There are various tourist attractions in Nubra Valley, such as Diskit, Panamik and Khardung Pass. Diskit is a must see place during monsoon where you can see main habitation and administrative centre of Nubra Valley. Panamik is another attractive place which is considered as last settlement before approaching Tibetan border. The hot springs are most famous in this region where you can feel the warm water which is considered very rare and valuable in the region.

Nubra valley lies at a lower elevation where grains and peaches are cultivated. This region gives you the most spectacular and magnificence views during monsoon season.

Experience the thrill in Leh and Ladakh:

Ladakh is an ideal destination for adventure seekers where you can enjoy various adventurous sports during this season.

Trekking: The main trekking areas in Ladakh are Spituk to Marka valley. Trekking is possible from the months of June to September and the most famous trekking routes in Leh and Ladakh are Padum to Darcha or Dung Dung. These are beautiful trek routes which offer amazing views of wilderness and form some of the most picturesque and challenging treks in Northern India. Leh and Ladakh are a heaven for adventure lovers, as you can view highest mountain ranges that are named as the Greater Himalayas and Karakoram with other two ranges, known as Ladakh Range and Zangskar Range. Trekking is the most popular adventure sport here because it gives a wonderful view of lush green mountains with breathtaking landscapes.

 Mountaineering: Mountaineering is counted as one of the most adventurous sport all over the world. The high peaks in Leh and Ladakh offer you a chance to enjoy this adventurous and daring sport. As the peaks are lofty so climbing up and conquering these high peaks can be a tough task and it needs complete physical fitness. The ideal period for mountaineering is the monsoon season which starts from June to September because in this season Ladakh stays unaffected. There are different valleys in Leh and Ladakh which offer mountaineering such as Suru and Zanskar. These are the most famous valleys which provide spectacular views during climbing.

River Rafting: This is one of the other famous adventure sports which you can enjoy in Leh and Ladakh. There are three famous rivers which offer you this opportunity, namely Indus in Leh, Shayok in Nubra and Zanskar River in Zanskar. You can feel the real thrill while floating in the downstream of gushing water of these rivers. The best stretch which is recommended by the professionals is between Spituk and Saspoi. Participants can experience adrenaline rush during river rafting.

There are many other sports which can be enjoyed in Leh and Ladakh only like Camel Safari or Archery. It will give you a memorable experience that you cannot forget in your whole life.

Explore Drass Valley:

Drass valley is considered to be the second coldest valley in the world due to repeated snowfalls during the season of winter. So, it is recommended to go and explore this region in the months from June to September. The temperature of this region sometimes falls to below forty degrees. The Drass valley begins from Zolija Pass which is the Himalayan Gateway to Ladakh. This valley also offers you a long stretch of trek route which ends at Suru Valley. It is a beautiful place which gives you majestic and splendid views of mountain peaks. You can enjoy a splendid view of Tiger Hill from Drass Valley.

The inhabitants of this region speak Shina which is very much similar to Ladakhi dialects spoken here and moreover, polo is their favorite adventurous sport. During monsoon season the valley is transformed into lush green surroundings splashed with beautiful and colorful flowers all around. There are various hot springs. One of the most famous hot water springs for which visitors come here is in the Puga Valley which is famous because having bath under this spring helps to cure various skin diseases and Rheumatism.

As the regions of Leh and Ladakh are strongly influenced by the Tibetan culture, it has led to increase in uniqueness of Buddhist culture in this region. Along with ancient monuments, Leh and Ladakh offer you many beautiful places for sightseeing. During monsoon you can visit many other surrounding places which are generally covered with snow during winters. The people of Ladakh are very pleasing and delightful so it will be a wonderful experience to see them during festive season. Their rituals and traditions make the occasion more colorful. Local people and tourists enjoy varieties of food and local barley beer which is popular during these gatherings. Leh and Ladakh experience extreme climatic changes throughout the year. In winters the temperature is so low that many places are mostly covered with snow and in summers you can experience sunburns. So monsoon season which begins from July and continues till September end is ideal for a perfect holiday trip where you can enjoy every activity and visit all the famous places of Leh and Ladakh.