Indian Fairs and festival on November

Indian Fairs and festival on November ::

Indian Fairs and festival on November is a month filled with a large number of festivals and events, which are celebrated with huge pomp and show. India is a land of rich history and culture; thus numerous festivals are celebrated here. Indians are known to celebrate the festivals with lots of joy, zest and gaiety. Every region of the country is famous for its own set of festivals which are celebrated to remember the great deeds of different deities, saints or heroes. Some of the famous festivals which are celebrated in the month of November are listed below. So read on to know more.

Pushkar Camel Fair

A traditional Indian festival, Pushkar Camel Fair witnesses a herd of around 50,000 camels which are brought here for this annual fair. Tourists can witness this peculiar and fascinating sight only at Pushkar. Basically, this fair was organized to attract the attention of local camel traders so that they can come together and do business on the holy festival of Kartik Purnima. This festival usually takes place in the first week of November and is followed by religious celebrations.

On his day, pilgrims take bath in the Pushkar Lake to get rid of their sins. Those who take bath in the holy water are believed to be blessed by the lord. On the day of the fair, camels are decorated beautifully and are dressed up in colorful attires. Special contests, like beauty contest, are held for camels and they are even made to dance. It is a huge carnival which is adorned by the presence of magicians, acrobats, musicians and snake charmers. It is also possible for the travelers to view this camel fair in a hot air balloon.

Kolayat fair

Alternatively known as Kapil Muni Fair, Kolayat fair is one of the largest fairs which is celebrated in Bikaner district in Rajasthan. It is held on Kartik Poornima and was originally known as Kapilayatan after the sage Kapil who is considered to have done meditation at this point for the redemption of mankind. A temple located at Kolayat is also dedicated to the saint. During the festival, people in large numbers come to Kolayat to take a holy dip on this auspicious occasion. Visiting the city during the celebrations helps the devotees to seek lord’s blessings.

Along with the Kapil Muni fair, a cattle fair is also held in the city. People can easily buy or sell buffaloes, horses and camels. Prizes and certificates are also given to the best breeders. Visiting the Kolayat fair is once in a lifetime affair. A person can enrich his knowledge about the traditions and culture of the country by visiting this fascinating fair. So while in India, remember to become a part of the festive celebrations.

Ganga Mahotsav

The celebrations of Ganga Mahotsav start from Prabodhini Ekadasi and end on Kartik Poornima. Sant Ravidas Ghat is chosen as the venue for the Mahotsav every year. The celebrations of Ganga Mahotsav are carried out for five days at a stretch and it brings together the finest culture and craft of the country. This festival is celebrated in Uttar Pradesh with pomp and show and an extensive range of crafts, arts, and cuisines are displayed.

The main purpose of celebrating Ganga Mahotsav is to spread knowledge about their handicrafts and their culture in other parts of the world. This festival attracts thousands of people from all over the world to exhibit talent in different streams, mainly handicrafts. There are many celebrities like Birju Maharaj, Zila Khan, Zakir Hussain and many more, who perform on this festival and enhance the glory of the event. It gives exciting opportunities to visitors to witness the talent of various people in the form of their classical style of Indian music and dance.

The festival certainly doubles the number of tourists during this season who visit various temples and Ghats during this festival.

Guru Nanak Jayanti

It is the biggest day among Sikhs, celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of the first guru-Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This festival is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in the state of Punjab. This occasion lasts for three days in which Akhand Paths are held in Gurdwaras for two days prior to the birthday and on the third day a great celebration is held all over Punjab.

On this day, a procession is organized which is led by Panj Pyaras, the Sikh Flag named as Nishan Sahib and then Palanquin of Sri Guru Granth Sahib are carried along with them. The procession is also accompanied with music and drummers which spread joy among people. The Gurudwaras are well decorated on this day and many devotees sing hymns including poems, which make people aware of the activities of Guru’s Life, symbolically in praise of Guru. Tourists can also enjoy special type of Marshal Art known as Gatka during this festival.

Sonepur Fair

Sonepur Fair originated in ancient times during the reign of India’s first emperor, Chandragupta Maurya. The fair is celebrated in Bihar that combines the spirituality with cattle, elephant and horse trading. The fair attracts traders from distant places, who come here to participate in this event. Livestock is traded including large number of elephants so the best time to visit the Mela is during first couple of days. This festival is celebrated for fourteen days which is accompanied with auspicious Pooja on Kartik Purnima, which draws the attention of lots of people from around the world.

Sonepur Mela is the biggest trading fair in India. Many devotees feel blessed after taking bath in holy river Ganga which makes the event remarkable and memorable. You can witness thousands of pilgrims and devotees taking bath to purify themselves from any signs or evils. Tourists can enjoy various activities held during the occasion like street magicians, snack stalls, amusement rides and circus performances. People can also visit Harihar Nath Temple situated in Sonepur, devoted to Lord Vishnu and people offer pots filled with holy water on this event.

Wangala Festival

Another name of this festival is “100 Drum Wangala Festival” which is celebrated in Meghalaya. This is the biggest festival held in honor of the Sun God of fertility by the Garo tribe. This marks the end of sowing period in fields and happily welcoming the period of relaxation.

This festival is celebrated in the second week of November with full enthusiasm and joy. A popular ritual is also carried out a day before the festival by the village chief, named as Nokma. During this ritual freshly brewed rice beer along with cooked rice is offered to Misi Salong in order to present their thanks for a rich harvest season.

Wangala festival is organized in order to promote the rich culture, advent of modernization and cultural identity of Garos. This festival is accompanied by various dance forms performed by Garo tribes, along with music played on oval shaped and long drums. This festival becomes more colorful when the performers wear amazing and attractive costumes with feathered and vibrant headgears. The celebration reaches its peak when 300 dancers, along with 100 drums, come together to perform their dance and give you a joyful experience.

Bundi Utsav:

Bundi Utsav is celebrated in the district of Hadoti, located in Rajasthan. This event is the most awaited event among the people of Rajasthan. Being organized by Rajasthan State Tourism, it is an attempt to promote the culture, traditions and handicrafts of this state in other parts of the country. It is a beautiful and colorful festival which showcases unique cultural heritage and also helps in promoting tourism in this state.

Bundi Utsav is celebrated in the months of November – December where you can witness true colors of Rajasthani culture. People from different parts of the world gather here to present their talent at this event. You can see the local men and women wearing their traditional dresses which are very bright and colorful. On this day, the women sing folk songs and float lighted lamps in the river which is truly an amazing experience. This festival will re-energize your mind, body and soul.

Bundi Utsav includes Shobha Yatra in which thousands of people take part. They wear ethnic and traditional dresses when they go along the procession. There are various attractions of this festival like dance performances exhibiting their culture and performed by various folk artists. Tourists can enjoy dazzling fireworks, traditional rural sports, turban competition and bridal attire during this festival. You can also buy souvenirs depicting local art and crafts in this festival.

So for any traveler who is looking for a memorable holiday, November can be the best month to plan a trip. This month is full of wonderful parades, gives terrific shopping options, along with a chance to witness various festivals celebrated in different parts of India. This season is considered to be ideal, neither too hot nor too cold. While enjoying these festivals, you can relish different food and explore the traditions and culture of various regions. Besides making you feel more energetic and enthusiastic, these festivals will also make your trip unforgettable.