How to Plan Your Trip to India

How to Plan Your Trip to India – Travel Guide

Now that you have decided to visit India, there are several things that must be considered before making an itinerary of your trip. Initially you might feel excited about your trip; however planning a journey to an unfamiliar country can turn into a nightmare if all the preparations are not done perfectly. India is a mysterious land which has complex history. Travelling to this fascinating and magnificent country requires a travel guide, as with the help of right information, the trip can become more interesting and memorable.

India as a country is different from the image shown in movies and online. The world’s largest democracy, India presents a blend of ancient civilization and modernism. Enclosed by 7,000 kilometer of coastline, India composes of about 28 states with each one having its own specialty. By traveling to this alluring country, a person can enrich his knowledge by learning more about different religions and customs which prevail in the country.

Basic knowledge

Before planning a trip to this amazing country it is important to collect some basic knowledge about it. Five of the most popular reasons why people prefer to travel to this country are:

  • India is a big country
  • It is a great value destination
  • People want to experience hospitality of Indian people
  • Tourists can explore spirituality
  • Travelers want to know more about the architecture and history of the country

A trip to this country can help the vacationers to discover some incredible sights. From the Himalayas in the north to the beaches in the south and from the tribal territory in the east to the deserts in the west, a person has a lot of choices when it comes to exploring this country. In India, a guest is often regarded as God and hence Indians are famous for their hospitality all over the world. It is considered as a huge honor to have visitors at home and people often do not leave any stone unturned to please their guests. India helps people to get out of their comfort zone and try their hand on different adventure activities and enjoy a memorable journey.

Health issues

Being a developing country, people living in India often come in contact with various disease causing viruses and bacteria. Therefore vacationers visiting it are advised to take some extra precautionary measures as they might get affected by different diseases which are not normally encountered by them. Before planning a trip to the country, it is important to visit a doctor to ensure that you have received all the necessary medications and immunizations. People travelling during the monsoon season are required to be extra careful, as they can easily come in contact with different infection causing viruses.

Best time to visit India

The country experiences summers, monsoons and winters as the main weathers; therefore travelers should plan their visit according to the season in which they are comfortable travelling. India experiences extreme of each weather, summers of the country are extremely hot while the winters can be chilling. Monsoons offer a perfect time to enjoy with one’s family or friends as the climate remains well within comfortable ranges. While travelling during summers, visiting hill stations is the safest bet. During winters, tourists can plan a trip to different beaches. Therefore before planning a trip, remember to know about the temperature of the region you are planning to travel to.

Packing list

Travelling light should be preferred by the tourists, however while travelling to India, people should take into consideration few things before they start their packing. Conservative dressing standards should be opted while in India. The luggage should depend on your itinerary, if you plan to travel to a short distance, a suitcase should be preferred; however if you plan to travel a lot on foot, a backpack should be chosen. If you are suffering from any ailment, you are suggested to keep some reserve of medicines as there are possibilities that you may not come across same salt at a pharmacy. Do not carry along personal care items such as shampoo, moisturizer, conditioner, deodorant and other necessities as they are readily available. Instead carry a mosquito repellent, hair sprays or hair wax as they cannot be easily secured in local markets.

What to expect

It is always a good idea to know about the things that can be expected by a person travelling to India. Not only can it help the travelers to deal with the cultural shock but it can also save them from getting ripped off. India is a hot and humid country and for a maximum part of the year it remains hot. Sometimes it takes foreign tourists a lot of time to adjust with the heat of the country. Therefore think well before you plan to visit.

People in India like to live in harmony with each other. They might not let a person enjoy his privacy and personal space. So if you are thinking about visiting India and are planning to travel a lot by road, it would be a wise decision to wear full length clothes. Being curious to know more about the other person they often end up staring at them. However, they are also famous for their hospitality all over the world.

Where to visit

India has abundance of attractions that can attract the attention of tourists visiting the country. From beaches to mountains and from monuments to desert, a person can choose the attraction depending upon his taste. Travelling to all these destinations can be an exhausting task; therefore plan your itinerary well before coming to India. One of the most famous tourist attractions is the Taj Mahal which was constructed as a symbol of love.

Nobody can travel across the country and view all the important destinations, therefore it is suggested to choose a particular region and focus on the highlights of the city. Those who plan to visit god’s own country, Kerala, can indulge in the beauty of the backwaters and can also enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating massage at one of the ayurveda centers. However, vacationers who are attracted to the beaches can spend some memorable moments in Goa.

Travelling option

India, being Asia’s second largest country, can be easily accessed by various flights from different countries. However, once in India, tourists have a number of other options to travel within the country. The Indian government has made it easier for the vacationers to travel between different cities by air, by rail or by road. Airports in India are well equipped to cater to the needs of travelers. Private as well as government owned airplanes operate at regular intervals and help the vacationers to reach their destination.

It is possible to travel throughout the country with the help of railways. People can opt for different classes, which vary according to their fare. Travelling by train is one of the best ways to know more about the culture and traditions of the country as people from different walks of life prefer this option. However, for those who wish to indulge in some adventure, travelling by road is the best option. Adventure travelers can choose scooters over cars to enjoy a hair-raising experience.

Learn the language

While travelling to a new country, it becomes necessary to learn the local language. Pick up some commonly used words so that you would be able to interact with the local residents easily. There are plenty of books that can help foreign travelers to learn the basics of Indian language. However if you are someone who is not interested in reading books, you can also take the help of internet to learn the basics. There are a large number of websites that can help you to interact with the Indian residents.

As a magnificent country, India can cater to your taste. Be it luxurious pampering, adrenaline fuelled exploration or simply a relaxing holiday, the country is full of different activities. However do not expect to absorb everything in a single visit; the country can be best explored in a planned manner. The night life of Mumbai would be hard to miss while you are on a trip so plan your journey accordingly to include all the major attractions. India also has a lot to offer to its religiously inclined visitors, so plan a trip at the earliest and explore the famous pilgrimage sites.

A visit to incredible India can leave the visitors with some wonderful memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. India has a lot to offer to its visitors who are looking forward to a relaxing and refreshing holiday. The mesmerizing Dal Lake in Kashmir and the exquisitely designed structures beckon its visitors alike. People can spend a lifetime exploring the beauty of the real India. So give your family a surprise by taking them to a holiday in India and let them be mesmerized by the fascinating views of the country. A trip to India can be enjoyed by all as it has something for everyone.