Famous Hill Stations in Kerala

Famous Hill Stations in Kerala-Today, people are way too busy in their schedules so a visit to Kerala hill stations is a must as it will give you peace of mind and helps in relaxing body and soul. Kerala hills can give soothing effect to your eyes and are located far away from hustle and bustle of the city life. You are surrounded by lush green mountains where you can also see cardamoms, pepper and cashews that are harvested in these regions and are known as royal treasures of these hills. After watching the highest mountain ranges of Himalayas you can enjoy the exotic appeal of Western Ghats which are situated at the height of 1520 m and are rich in different species of flora and fauna the Famous Hill Stations in Kerala


Breathtaking view at Ldukki:-

It is the most popular hill station in Kerala which is nestled among low hills and a large part is reserved for forest region. This region is surrounded by the fabulous and appealing beauty of backwaters and beaches. The most striking feature of this region is that river Pamba originates from here and is also joined by other three main rivers known as Periyar, Thalayar and Thodupuzhayar. Ldukki offers different tourist attractions which will enhance the beauty of your trip:

Ldukki Arch Dam:

It is Asia’s first and world’s second arch dam which is situated on the hills of Kurathi and Kuravan.  It is known as the largest hydropower power station which produces huge amount of electricity therefore it is a well known tourist center in Kerala. Along with this, a wildlife sanctuary is located nearby this dam where you can see various species of snakes and birds. The best season to visit is from August to March.

Waterfalls at Keezar Kuthu:

You can witness cascading waterfalls which fall down from a rock at a height of 1500 m and will give you wonderful views of this spot. Half of the region is covered with forests which are considered as a home to various medicinal plants and herbs. For adventure lovers, it is an ideal place because they can enjoy various adventure sports, like rock climbing, mountaineering, as well as camping.

Enjoy the majestic sights at Munnar:-

Munnar is situated 1600 above the sea and is surrounded by three mountain streams known as Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. You can see highest tea plantations which give you a vision of greenery everywhere around you. You can spend time at leisure while enjoying different activities like fishing, spot group of wild elephants and you can even play golf and experience enchanting views of Munnar. There are various sightseeing places in Munnar, some of them are suggested below:


It is an idyllic tourist destination which is famous for highly specialized dairy farms and 100 varieties of yielding cattle are reared here. But tourists are allowed only into three sheds out of eleven. At a short distance from farm there is a beautiful picnic spot which is covered with Kundala tea plantations along with the Kundala Lake which provides boating facility for tourists.


It is located between Munnar and Pallivasal which offers amazing waterfalls from the rolling hills. Even this place is ideal for trekking so it can be considered as must visit place in Kerala.

Eravikulam National Park:

It is the most beautiful spot and is considered as home to Nilgiri Thar. It is the most important destination of wildlife tours in Kerala which has ecological, floral, zoological and faunal significance. It has beautiful views and is counted amongst the best mountain ranges all over the world.

Sightseeing at Pakshipathalam:-

Pakshipathalam is sited in Wayanad District of Kerala which is an altitude of 1740 m above the sea level. Wayanad is a place which is almost covered with forests and that is why you can see elephants, leopards, jungle cats and even peacocks. In these moist deciduous forests, there is picturesque place known as Pakshipathalam. Here you can find wide range of species of birds, steep hills, along with small streams of water flowing through them. It is considered as the best place for nature lovers and for enjoying more views of nature it offers you challenging avenues for trek which will add glory to your trip.

You can visit an ancient cave which has become a famous tourist spot because it is believed that many saints used that cave for meditation in ancient times.

Then you can visit Kuruvadweep which is an amazing island known for its rare ecology and you can have a view of evergreen forests at a long stretch situated on the banks of river Kabani. It is an island where you can find various rare species of birds, orchids and even herbs.

Garudan Kunnu and Bhuthathan Kunnu are other prominent places in Pakshipathalam where visitors can see small rocky projection which resembles eagle. Therefore, the rock is named on the eagle’s name and the place is called as Garudan Kunnu.

Pookot Lake is another famous tourist attraction in Pakshipathalam which is a natural fresh water lake situated between wooded lakes and amidst lush green forests. It is recommended to visit in the months of November to April so that you can enjoy the major festivals during this season.

Famous places for honeymoon in Kerala:

When you are planning a trip for your honeymoon, Kerala can be the best choice as it is blessed with utmost greenery which can relax your mind and offer the most astonishing places for honeymooners who seek a romantic trip of their life. Kerala has finest places of tourist interest which boost the unmatched natural beauty and serenity thus these places can add up romance in your lives. Let us take a look on the places which will enhance the magnificence of your trip.

Splendid views of Kerala Backwaters:

Kerala has plenty of lakes, lagoons and islands which are interconnected by waterways. So, it is ideal to start your trip with enjoying a romantic ride on backwaters of Kerala on cruise from Alleppey to the south. While traveling you can visit various sightseeing places which will bring joy to your trip.


It is a beautiful place situated in Kollam and is famous because here India’s first houseboats were made. Nowadays, craftsmen are so skilled that they give different shapes to the boats and always use eco friendly materials like bamboo, coconut fiber and wood. Another famous thing of this place is that it is major centre of construction of Kettuvalloms, known as rice barges which are later modified into houseboats for the tourists.

Chandragiri Fort:

It is situated near confluence of Arabian Sea and Payaswini River which offers a splendid view of sunset in the evening. The major attractions of this place are Chandragiri boat club which offers speed boat rides, houseboat cruises and wildlife tours which will make your trip more exciting and thrilling. You can enjoy the ride on the backwaters and also arrange trips to nearby islands and palm groves.

Thrilling experience in Wayanad:

Wayanad is a hilly region which has moderate climate and you can enjoy various facilities in this region like swimming pool, boating and Ayurvedic massage. It offers various tourist destinations which are famous in Wayanad.

Chembra Peak:

It is the highest peak located in Meppadi in the southern part of Wayanad which provides various adventurous sports like one of them is mountain climbing. To climb up Chembra peak would be a thrilling experience for the tourists and you can even do camping on reaching the highest spot where you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of Wayanad to make your trip memorable.

Diverse waterfalls:

Wayanad is a beautiful spot and it is must visit place for nature lovers. There are many waterfalls like one of the main waterfalls which you can encounter in Wayanad is Sentinel Rock Waterfalls which is famous for trekking center because it has high rocks which are ideal for rock climbing. Kanthanpara Waterfalls is perfect destination for picnic which has beautiful surroundings and is a very peaceful place. At the end you can visit Socchipara waterfalls which are determined as treasure of nature. When the water falls from a great height, it is a feast for the eyes. The pool of water below the waterfalls is provided for river rafting or swimming.

Fascinating trip to beaches of Kerala:

There are a number of good beaches in Kerala which offers splendid and charming views to make your trip amazing.  Some of the best beaches are mentioned below:

Bekal Beach:

You can spend some beautiful time along with your spouse for a couple of reasons. It is not just a beach; you can have a wonderful bonus to visit Bekal Fort that stands between the two stretches of clean sand. For adding more beauty to the beach there are sculptures of Theyyam which are made up of Laterite, enhancing the view of the beach. Even Multi shed and Eru Madam is provided as shelter facilities for the tourists where you can take rest and enjoy sea breeze.

Alappuzha Beach:

It is an important place in Maritime in the history of Kerala which is famous for boat races, backwater holidays, marine products and coir industry. An old light house is also considered as a striking feature which gives delightful experience to the visitors.

There are many remarkable places in Kerala which enhance the pleasure of your trip and will be marked as memorable moments which you can cherish throughout your life.