Explore the Holiness of Haryana

Explore the Holiness of Haryana :: Blessed with the bounties of nature, the state of Haryana houses a large number of tourist destinations which speak volumes about the rich tradition and cultural past of the state. Haryana holds special significance amongst people belonging to different religions as it has numerous sacred shrines. Devotees are attracted towards this state all around the year as they come here to seek the blessings of different gods and goddesses. The shrines display exquisite architecture, along with the artistic creativity of the artists. Some of the most popular pilgrim destinations of the region are:


Kurukshetra is one of the most visited cities of the state, as it is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna explained to Arjuna the mysteries of karma and soul. The great battle of Mahabharata also took place at this location and the land witnessed discourse between valiant ruler Arjuna and Lord Krishna, his divine charioteer.


This is one of the most revered places in the state. According to the legends, Lord Krishna delivered holy Bhagwad Gita to warrior Arjuna under a banyan tree at this location. Tourists can view the marble statues of Arjuna and Lord Krishna enacting different scenes from Bhagwad Gita. Apart from its historic importance, this place houses numerous temples, scenic lakes and Ghats.


Thanesar has been derived from Sthan-esvar. Literally this word means “divine abode of the supreme being”. While this destination houses different temples, one of the most visited shrines is Sthanesvar Mahadev Temple. Local residents believe that the presiding deity of the temple protects them from any kind of harm. The Shiva lingam which is placed inside the temple was erected by Lord Brahma and thus this temple is an important pilgrim destination.


A religiously important destination, Pehowa was initially named after the king Prithu and was known as Prithudaka; however with the passage of time it was renamed to Pehowa. It is a common belief amongst local residents that by doing pind daan at this location, the soul of a person can be released from the re-birth cycle. Therefore, devotees in large number come here to pay their respect to the souls of the decreased.


A place boasting of immense scenic beauty, Panchkula is blessed with numerous temples and gurdwaras. Mansa Devi temple located in this city holds immense relevance amongst the Hindu community while the gurudwara Nada Sahib is of special significance for the Sikh community. Both these shrines are visited by people belonging to different religions who come here to seek lord’s blessings.

The state of Haryana is blessed with the presence of a large number of sacred shrines which are of equal importance for the people belonging to the Sikh, Hindu and Muslim community. This state has proved to be a dream destination for devotees and tourists, alike. An important tourist destination and commercial hub of the country, the state attracts tourists all around the year. So if you want to make your vacations unforgettable, plan a trip to this interesting destination.