Best things to see in gujarat

Best things to see in Gujarat-One of the most diversified Indian states, Gujarat has evolved over a long period of time. Its history stretches from the old Harappa civilization to the glorious Mughal period. The remarkable historical and cultural journey of the state is timeless. A visit to the state can leave life long memories and lasting impressions on the minds of the visitors.

Gujarat is famous for its cultural tourism. The rich and diversified culture of the state welcomes its visitors for an enriching experience. Residents of Gujarat are known for their simplicity and friendly nature. With the folk art forming a major part of the state’s culture, people here undertake various steps to preserve their art and culture.

Tie and Dye fabric

While on a trip to Gujarat, shopping for tie and dye items is one of the most preferred activities. Bandhani is a popular tie and dye technique used to create beautiful and vibrant fabric. This word has been derived from the word ‘banda’ which means to tie and this technique can take years to master. Using natural colors, various patterns such as mothra, shikari, leheriya and ekdail can be created by this technique. The Khatri communities of Kutch are expert in this technique. So while in Gujarat, tourists can shop for tie and dye dresses, bags and accessories.

Bamboo Craft work

Bamboo and cane craft work is regarded as a specialty of the region. Craftsmen in Gujarat can beautify simple bamboo sticks and mold them into pieces of art. Over 22 varieties of bamboo are grown in this state. Bamboo products might include musical instruments, home décor items, toys, jewelry, trinkets, wall art, decorative bits and kitchen specials.

Delicate shoots of bamboo are used to design different accessories and materials out of them. Tourists can also purchase bamboo mats and use them as a decorative piece in their house.

Fold Dance forms

Dance performances bring the culture and traditions of the state alive. Being a vibrant state, Gujarat is famous for its different types of dances. Bhavai is a unique and traditional dance which is performed with the help of elaborated costumes and make up. This dance is exclusively performed by males and women are mere spectators.

Dandiya Raas is an energetic and romantic dance form which is performed on songs usually sung by the dancers themselves. Performers dress up in colorful attires and give the performance in two concentric circles. One circle moves in the clockwise direction, while the other moves in anti-clock direction.

Fairs and festivals

A large number of festivals are celebrated with great fervor in this region. Some of the most important festivals of the state are Navratri, Shivratri, Deepavali and Janmashtmi. During these festivals people often indulge in kite flying competitions, which according to them is the best way of celebrations.

In Gujarat life is seen as a celebration. The local residents enjoy their life on every occasion and participate by performing different dance forms. While on a trip to Gujarat, tourists can also become a part of these celebrations and enjoy themselves to the maximum.