Best Beaches of Visakhapatnam

Best Beaches of Visakhapatnam – Everybody loves holidays and what can be a better way to enjoy the vacations then relaxing on a sun kissed beach amidst the clear water of the sea. A beach holiday is preferred by one and all. The unforgettable experience the beaches of Vishakhapatnam offer to the visitors is beyond words. This city is known to house different beaches, which make up for a memorable vacation.

Rushikonda Beach

Set amidst mango groves and white beach sand, a visit to Rushikonda Beach can leave the visitors relaxed and rejuvenated. The strong waves of the sea hitting the beach make a perfect backdrop to enjoy the vacations. Photography enthusiasts can click some amazing pictures. Imagine yourself sitting on a large rock with your loved ones and enjoying the perfect scenery of the beach. Can something be more relaxing than this? The sunset view from the beach can leave the visitors mesmerized. At this beach tourists can also indulge in different water sports to experience the adrenaline rush.

RamaKrishna Beach

A famous tourist destination of the region, RamaKrishna beach is also known as RK beach. This beautiful destination is named after the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram which is located across the road. One of the most popular attractions of this beach is the INS Kursura Submarine Museum, which is known to preserve the Kalvari-class submarine. At this beach, vacationers can be seen indulging in different activities, besides catching magnificent views of sunrise as well as sunset. So while on a vacation to Vishakhapatnam, remember to visit this amazing beach.

Yarada Beach

The city houses some of the most beautiful and un-crowded beaches. Surrounded by lush green forests from three sides and by Bay of Bengal from the fourth side, Yarada Beach is a perfect destination to spend some quiet moments with your loved ones. The soft golden sand and the huge coastline make the trip more interesting. This beach is an ideal spot for all those who love to spend their time amidst natural beauty. Tourists can also view this beach from the top of the famous Dolphin’s Nose.

Bheemili Beach

The road that leads to Bhimili from Vizag is one of the longest beach roads in the country. At this location, tourists can enjoy swimming as it is one of the safest beaches to indulge in the activity. Along the sea coast tourists can view a large number of temples; however Bhimili Bhimeshwara Swamy temple is the most famous temple of the region. On the beach tourists can also spot different parks. The undisturbed beauty of the region can be experienced at this beach from proximity.

This region also houses various other beaches, such as Sagar Nagar Beach, Lawson’s Bay Beach, and Gangavaram Beach. These beaches offer everything from solitude to activities and from parties to interesting food. The captivating beaches of the region attract the attention of visitors travelling from all over the world. So, the next time plan your vacations well in advance and enjoy amidst the cool and relaxing ambiance of the Vishakhapatnam’s beaches.