Adventure tourism in maharashtra

Adventure tourism in Maharashtra, an Indian state which is frequented by a large number of tourists, boasts of various attractions. Different cities of this state are well known to house a large number of revered religious destinations. The state is also well known for its architectural wonders and pristine national parks. However, apart from its natural beauty, the state also offers a chance to the visitors to indulge in different adventurous activities. Some of the most popular sports for adventure enthusiasts are:


A competitive and recreational adventure sport, paragliding is highly enjoyed by adventure seekers. With the help of a foot launched aircraft, a person can float in the air for many hours. Various cities of the region, including Mumbai, Pune and Kamshet, offer a person the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the area. So indulge in this activity with the help of experienced professionals.

Rock Climbing

A mentally and physically demanding sport, rock climbing can be done to scale artificial as well as natural rock formations. Rock climbing is often done to test one’s endurance, balance, strength and agility. Right climbing techniques can help even an amateur climber to scale the formations with ease. Tourists travelling to Maharashtra can try this sport at Mumbai, Belapur and Sahyadri.

Scuba Diving

An underwater adventurous sport, scuba diving can help the diver to get close to the marine life. Scuba diving is a recreation activity which is done purely for enjoyment. Beginners as well as experienced divers can enjoy this sport with the assistance of professional divers. So if you have ever thought of experiencing the amazing underwater life, then you can do so at Tarkarli in Maharashtra.


There are numerous ways of enjoying the rains; however the best way is to go on a trek and catch the droplets of rain while enjoying the scenic beauty. Various picturesque hill stations in the region offer a chance to walk along the rough terrines while experiencing the serenity and tranquility of the place.


Sights near the famous Sindhdurg Fort in Maharashtra have been identified as ideal for snorkeling. In this activity, a person is required to remain close to the water surface while exploring the marine life. This activity can be tried by people belonging to all ages, as no complicated equipment or special training is required.


A popular water sport, kayaking can be enjoyed by the tourists visiting Maharashtra. White water kayaking in Kundalika River offers the visitors a chance to experience adrenaline rush amidst the pumping river and steep turns. The activity of kayaking can last up to 2 hours so be ready to spend some thrilling moments in the river.

With more than 45 activities to choose from, a person cannot get bored at this majestic destination. Tourists can undertake different activities that range from water sports to aero activities, along with varying challenges. So if you are an adventure enthusiast then visit this incredible destination and experience the real fun.