6 Places to Experience the Monsoon in Mumbai

6 Places to Experience the Monsoon in Mumbai

Monsoon season arrives in Mumbai in the beginning of the month of June. It is an energizing change after about a couple of months of blistering heat and uncomfortably hot weather. Offering a variety of tourist spots, Mumbai itself is an exciting place to travel to and the advent of monsoon makes this fascinating place even more alluring. People from different parts of the country and the world come here to explore local beauty and other exhilarating activities that add to the excitement of visiting this place. Usually, the first week of June marks the arrival of monsoon in Mumbai. To make this monsoon season unforgettable here, make sure to visit below mentioned top six places.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India is one of the most remarkable attractions in Mumbai. Constructed in 1924, this unique landmark is situated at the tip of Apollo Bunder and is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Considered as one of the chief ports of India, Gateway of India makes a major tourist attraction, especially during monsoon as the place boasts of incomparable natural beauty, which is at its zenith during monsoon months. The monument once symbolized the significance of British Raj in India. Today it has become a popular landmark, drawing plenty of local tourists and vacationers. Gateway of India receives lively waves during high tide. Balloon sellers, photographers and vendors selling monsoon snacks make the place even more vibrant. The stairs behind the arch lead you to water where one can enjoy short cruise and motor rides through wonderful natural harbor of Mumbai. Those having cash to splash can savor the mesmerizing view of Gateway of India from the Taj Hotel. On the contrary, those out on a budget holiday can equally enjoy the natural charm of the place from a rooftop. Since monsoon is one of the best times to experience the splendor of pristine beaches, Gateway of India certainly makes one of the best options to enjoy the natural panorama and monsoon in Mumbai. It is undeniably a must to visit place in Mumbai during monsoon.

Marine Drive

Popularly known as The Queen’s Necklace, due to its chain of gleaming lights that make the street appear like a string of pearls and creating a delusion of a necklace when seen from an elevated place along the drive, Marine Drive is a 3 Km long road in Mumbai which stretches from Southern Mumbai to the North, forming a natural bay. Located at the foot of Malabar Hill, this C shaped street links Babulnath to Nariman Point. This tourist spot is also popular as Sonapur among the local residents of Mumbai. The place is crowded with a large number of people who come here to take a walk along an attractive walkway and to witness the mesmerizing sight of sunset. The picturesque beauty of flawlessly lined palm trees presents its visitors with an enchanting experience. When you visit this place during monsoon, taking an evening walk along the pathway is one of the best things that can be done to enjoy rainy season to the fullest. The electrifying waves rising up to the road are sure to add to your excitement. The cool breeze coming from the surrounding Arabian Sea accompanied by mouthwatering monsoon snacks can refresh the mood of every individual. Marine Drive is undoubtedly one of the best hangouts to experience monsoon at its best in Mumbai. You surely cannot afford to miss visiting this alluring and energetic place.

Worli Sea Face

For those who cannot visit Marine Drive in South Mumbai, Worli Sea Face makes a perfect option to savor monsoon. One of the seven islands that form the city of Mumbai, Worli Sea Face is known for its electrifying waves during high tides. People love to visit this place to enjoy evening walks along the beach and to sit near pristine water. It also offers a mesmerizing view of Bandra Worli Sea link. Although Worli Sea Face is always crowded with locals and vacationers who throng the place to witness thrilling waves, the place becomes one of the most preferred attractions in monsoons. The Sea Face provides its visitors with a chance to indulge in various exciting activities in addition to exploring the natural splendor of the place. With numerous vendors selling a variety of snacks, people, especially those coming from other parts of the country, get an amazing opportunity to taste the real flavors of Mumbai. Besides, taking a walk along the roadside during monsoon is an ideal way to rejuvenate the mind and soul. Offering a memorable monsoon experience, Worli Sea Face is certainly a place worth paying a visit to during monsoon as the place allows you to enjoy rain and spectacular natural grandeur at the same time. So, the next time you are in Mumbai during monsoon, make sure to add Worli Sea Face to your places to visit list.

Juhu Beach

It must be hard to find someone who is not familiar with Juhu Beach. Located in Ville Parle at a distance of about 18 Km from the city center, Juhu Beach is one of the most popular beaches in India. Not only this, it is one of the most visited beaches of India as well. As the beach is bordered by posh locality where mostly celebrities reside, one can easily find many famous personalities jogging along this beach. Also, it is a preferred location for film shootings. The peaceful atmosphere and scenic beauty offered by the beach becomes more alluring in monsoon, offering an amazing time to experience the beauty monsoon. Moreover, Juhu Beach is filled with stalls selling street food and local delicacies. The snacks stalls set up here provide excellent monsoon cuisines. Pani Puri, Paav Bhaji, Bhel Puri are some of the delicious snacks that can be enjoyed at the beach stalls. Apart from this, you can take pleasure in camel ride and horse ride, a few of the exciting activities carried out here to offer amusement to visitors. Playing cricket, football, volleyball at Juhu Beach during rain provides an electrifying experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that Juhu Beach definitely makes an ideal option for enjoying rainfall. When the ferocious waves touch your feet along the sand of beach, you are sure to experience a different feeling. Moreover, there are plenty of hotels in Juhu that offer discounts during monsoon which works in your favor, especially when you are planning a low budget monsoon vacation.

Bandra Bandstand

Situated on the west of Bandra, Bandra Bandstand is spread over a kilometer and is a famous spot to hangout. Surrounded by Arabian Sea on one side, Bandra Bandstand acquired its name from the magnificent days of band culture that existed here earlier, when several bands used to entertain people here. The Bandstand is also popular as Lover’s Point where young couples sneak onto the rocks to spend some quality time. Providing an amazing ambience and picturesque views of natural charm, Bandra Bandstand is an ideal place for experiencing monsoon. One also gets a chance to explore the “Walk of Stars” here, which features the hand prints of various well renowned Bollywood actresses and actors. Offering an exciting time to its visitors, Bandra Bandstand is a must visit place in monsoon. Getting to Bandra Bandstand is also not a difficult job as local trains of Mumbai stop at Bandra West, which is close to Bandra Bandstand. So, if you are planning to visit Mumbai during monsoon, ensure that you do not miss a visit to Badra Bandstand. Since the walkway along the Arabian Sea allows you to indulge in several exciting activities, your monsoon venture is sure to become all the more memorable and fascinating here.

Haji Ali

Located in South Mumbai on the coast of Worli, Haji Ali is a mosque and tomb, considered to be one of the most remarkable landmarks of Mumbai. The mosque, which was constructed by a Muslim Merchant Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari in 1431 in the ocean, is connected to land through a narrow passageway. It is a brilliant example to showcase Indo-Islamic culture. In monsoon, when sea waves strike the mosque, the pathway gets submerged and appears to be floating on the water, offering an alluring sight to visitors. While walking on the pathway, with sea on both the sides and the waves touching your feet, you are sure to get a thrilling experience. Apart from paying homage to God, you can indulge in various other activities like getting a taste of local street food and enjoying brackish sea water of Mumbai. It is, therefore, one of the perfect places for experiencing monsoon. So, make sure to visit this interesting place when you are in Mumbai during monsoon.

The lively city of Mumbai offers plenty of options when you look forward to enjoy monsoon season to the fullest. With each spot offering different opportunities to experience, you are sure to capture some memorable moments worth cherishing. So, if you are planning to take a break from your hectic schedule, ensure to visit these places to experience real monsoon.