5 Top India Monsoon Travel Destinations

5 Top India Monsoon Travel Destinations

A land of diversity, India boasts of its beautiful landscapes, culture and weather. The grandeur of country’s heritage can be best experienced in monsoons. The monsoons transform the region into a dreamland. A person can choose a monsoon getaway in India depending upon his budget, mood and purpose. Whether it is a city, village or a town in India, every place becomes more beautiful and looks majestic in the rains. Some of the cities in the country can be visited all around the year; however monsoons have their own story to describe. Therefore, in this monsoon season do not miss the chance and choose one of the below mentioned destinations to enjoy a memorable holiday with your family or friends.

Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is a beautiful hill station which is nestled in the famous Western Ghats. This little powerhouse is famous amongst travelers for its coffee plantations, as well as for its mesmerizing natural beauty. Alternatively known as Scotland of India, Coorg can be best explored during monsoons. With the rains lashing the city and increasing its beauty, Coorg is often considered as one of the most romantic hill stations in India for the newlyweds.

The weather of the hill station remains cool during the monsoons, offering honeymooners a chance to cuddle up. A walk in the rain while sharing one umbrella and holding each other’s hand would be a unique experience for a couple on their honeymoon. Enjoying a walk through the mist and fog would add to the beautiful experience enjoyed by the newlyweds. The valley surrounded by verdant forests and snow covered peaks welcomes its visitors to a land of boundless beauty.

The monsoon season that falls in the month of July, August and September experiences heavy rainfall. The city gets drenched in the majesticness of the rainfall and looks more beautiful. The waterfalls get full during this time and the cascading water falling from a height presents a breathtaking view. However, travelers should not indulge in adventure activities around this time as trekking or any adventure can be dangerous. So enjoy your next monsoon vacation at this beautiful destination.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Venice of East, the city of lakes or the royal city, Udaipur is famous by many names. Monsoon brings along with it beautiful weather and greenery. Udaipur looks majestic with the rains lashing the city. The monsoon palace, alternatively known as Sajjan Garh Palace, is a fascinating palatial residence built on a hill top. This palace was named after the Maharana Sajjan Singh and offers a picturesque view of the palaces, lakes and other structures which are present in the vicinity.

From the palace, tourists can get a mesmerizing view of the sunset as well as of the sunrise. Udaipur holds an exclusive entirety from other Indian states. It allures its visitors with green environs, rugged landscapes and cool escapes. This land depicts the battles which were fought by fearless warriors to safeguard the honor, respect and pride of their ancestors. A visit to this city during the monsoons can help the visitors to view a different face of this region.

Therefore while planning a trip to Udaipur during monsoons, get ready to enjoy a one of its kind experience which would include the sagas of tragedy, romance, rich cultural heritage and glory. Udaipur represents a beautiful image of the Indian state of Rajasthan, along with some magnificent and breathing architectural wonders. A visit to this attractive destination can leave you with some everlasting memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Tourists must feel fortunate at getting a chance to explore this royal city during the monsoons.

The Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Magical, enchanting and scintillating are the three words that can best describe The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. For a major part of the year this valley remains covered with snow; however monsoon is the best time of the year to plan a trip to this beautiful destination as the monsoon showers turn this otherwise snow covered valley into a valley of blooms. The natural beauty of this valley allures nature lovers and newlyweds, alike. According to the legends, Valley of Flowers is believed to be the place from where the magical herb was brought by Hanuman to resuscitate Lakshman.

The cool climate and pristine beauty of the valley make the holidaying experience memorable. During monsoon season, the valley gets covered with flowers of different colors which offer a magical view. Every day from the month of May to September, the valley presents a unique look. Rain showers lash the region, giving new lease of life to flowers and plants. The Valley of Flowers is home to some endangered and rare species of animals, which include blue sheep, snow leopard, brown bear and Asiatic black bear. Bird watchers can also catch sights of different species of birds, such as snow partridge, Himalayan golden eagle, Himalayan Monal and snow pigeon.

Tourists visiting the Valley of Flowers can also try their hand at different adventure activities; however due to excessive rainfall, expert supervision is recommended. Pilgrims can also undertake religious journey during monsoons as the Valley of Flowers lies in the vicinity of Joshimath, which is a popular pilgrimage destination and is the seat of math, which is a monastery.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley or the hidden valley is a beautiful location present in the Trans-Himalayan region of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a desert mountain valley which is alternatively also called as Little Tibet. A visit to this region during the monsoons can help the tourists to explore the Buddhist culture in a better manner. Being less populated the region and its surroundings boast of pristine nature. This valley is open for visitors during the monsoons, as for the rest of the year, it remains covered with snow.

Spiti valley houses the oldest monasteries, which include Tabo Monastery and Ki Monastery. The spectacular scenery of the region allures visitors who wish to plan a memorable and unique holiday. Tourists can also click some beautiful pictures with the rough terrines making up a perfect backdrop. The climatic changes during the monsoons make it a delight to travel to Spiti. The unique landscape and the cultural heritage of the city help in making the trip a memorable one.

The colorful monasteries look more beautiful with multihued Tibetan flags atop them. Higher altitude lakes, low precipitation rate and trekking trails make Spiti a must visit destination during the monsoon season. Adventure enthusiasts can also visit the nearby places, such as Tabo and Kaza, to indulge in different outdoor activities. People who love to experience adrenaline rush can enjoy a road trip to Spiti or can even try off-roading.

Western Ghats

Western Ghats run parallel to Indian peninsula’s western coast. Monsoons are the best season to visit Western Ghats and to experience the amazing rain amidst beautiful locale. The unexplored regions of the Western Ghats beckon the tourists who wish to experience monsoon season in its full glory. If you love adventure and plan to spend some amazing and memorable moments with your family or friends, a trip to Western Ghats is the best option.

If you wish to venture out in the wild during the monsoon showers then let the Western Ghats be the place of choice. The magnificent biodiversity of the region and its splendid fauna and flora introduce its visitors to the pristine beauty of Mother Nature. Novice trekkers as well as experienced ones can trek the rough terrines to get a glimpse of natural beauty surrounding the Western Ghats. During the monsoon season, Western Ghats remain covered with a blanket of mist, making the climate enjoyable for honeymooners.

The challenges of climbing the slippery terrines make it more exciting. Countless cramps, million scratches and the physical pain make the journey more interesting. Apart from adventure activities, the cascading water falling from a height makes up for the best view. Monsoon showers also bring along an element of surprise. Tourists are often surprised by the spectacular views which are offered by Western Ghats in the monsoon showers. So plan a trip to this dangerous, yet charming rolling hill and experience the beauty of water cascading from a height with gushing sound.

Monsoons can bring along some everlasting memories for the newly wedded couples. Their love becomes everlasting as they spend special moments amidst the monsoon showers. Flowers bloom and the landscape is filled with a variety of hues and colors. A stroll with your loved one amidst the blossoms can be a fascinating experience. Monsoon season makes the weather cool, making the holidays more pleasurable. Planning a trip during the monsoons is the best thing to do for all those people who love natural beauty. With the rain showers lashing the city, it is beautiful all around. So the next time monsoon hits the region, pack your bags and plan a trip to one of the exotic destinations present in the country. However, remember to pack your rain gears to enjoy the trip to the maximum.